Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety:

Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety: non fiction novel

Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety

Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety:

A Book For Parents From A Child’s Perspective Kindle Edition

So many children today, and even teens and adults, struggle with anxiety. A lot of people are too ashamed or afraid to talk about what they are going through. They hide behind all of the emotions and fears. As a result, all of the anxiety gets bottled up inside them until it all explodes. In order to prevent that explosion, it is important for people, especially children, to talk about their feelings and acknowledge their anxieties. Anxiety is real and it is very powerful. A lot of people do not understand how potent anxiety really is, and how difficult it is for people that struggle with anxiety to live with it. “Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety” is a book that gives people a glimpse of what goes on in an anxious person’s mind. The book was primarily written for parents, in the hopes of helping parents understand their children who struggle with anxiety. What truly makes this book a unique parenting book is that it was written from a child’s point of view to help parents learn more about how to be there for their children. The author uses personal experiences to really illustrate anxiety’s effect on children’s daily lives. In addition to the personal narrative, the author also gives advice and suggestions for parents about how they can support their children through such difficult times. The author emphasizes support as a key factor in helping a child overcome anxiety. Sometimes parents may not understand how much anxiety affects their children. Therefore, it is even more important for parents to support their children, and help them see that it is perfectly fine and safe to talk about their struggles with anxiety.

About the Author

Corine TorenCorine Toren is a new author! “Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety” is her first book, and she is extremely proud of the work she has accomplished. Corine recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a major in Global Studies. However, Corine was always passionate about writing, and intends to pursue writing as a future career. Since she was 9-years-old, Corine has been interested in writing and publishing books. She is so grateful that she has finally been able to accomplish one of her goals at a young age. Corine wrote “Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety” with the intention of helping other people and families who struggle with anxiety. Kids are often misunderstood, but Corine attempts to give kids, and really anyone that struggles with anxiety, a voice through her writing. Mental health is so important. Many people forget about mental health as an issue, and are quick to dismiss it. Writing this book enabled Corine to expose anxiety as a force of destruction to mental health. She hopes her book will inspire others to speak up about their anxiety, and support each other through difficult times. Corine is eager to ignite her writing career. She hopes to continue writing books, screenplays, and maybe even a musical one day! Besides writing, Corine also enjoys baking, traveling, hot yoga, and learning foreign languages
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