Dark Flames Rising by Randall Davis

Dark Flames Rising


TV reporter Margot Glinn has seen the worst society has to offer, but nothing compares to the evil she’s uncovered in what should have been the one place she could fell comfortable, her workplace. In danger and alone, she must warn an unsuspecting public. When rival reporter, Joel Kellerman, becomes an unexpected ally, desire burns hot as their quest for justice unfolds. Pulled deep into the conflict, they create a firestorm they may not be able to outrun.

One man aims to destroy her. Another will heal her soul. Can these two lovers save a city, or will a bloodbath seal their fate?

About the author

Randall Davis earned a masters from the University of Cincinnati drama program. For several years he staged numerous productions, moving actors as pawns on a spiritual journey. His love of the theatre had him thinking about writing plays, but decided to write novels instead. He has enormous fun torturing his characters as well as bringing about the best in their humanity. He believes in happy endings, although his characters might go through hell to get there.
An older gentleman in his early-sixties, he swears he only writes the sex scenes so he’ll remember them fondly when senility sets in. He hopes the sex scene in his novel, Dark Flames Rising will be viewed as one of the most unique in the annals of sex scenes.
Mr. Davis lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wonderful wife, Susan, daughter Jessica, two rescue cats, two crested geckos, two lizards and a nutcase of a dog. When not writing he can be seen on the golf course, searching for the elusive, holy grail of perfection—one that seems to be floating forever from his grasp.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dark and gripping romantic suspense! April 10, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Dark Flames Rising was a fast-pacing and engaging read! I will say that it was not at all what I expected when I picked it up. The story follows Margot, a strong-willed journalism intern trying to make a name for herself, as she finds herself caught up in a horrific murder plot. The story is an intriguing blend of mystery, suspense, a little romance. The author does a great job of unfolding the plot carefully so that you’re constantly flipping the pages wanting to know what it all means! The second half of the book had me turning pages like crazy. One thing I loved was the pacing. The author plays with short chapters and brief scenes—the necessary information told succinctly. For this type of book, it works perfectly.

I also thought each character had a strong voice and there was a great balance between action and dialogue. The bad guys are definitely bad guys you HATE. At least I did. The author definitely doesn’t shy away from strong themes (we’re dealing with violent, sadistic killers here) but he balances out giving details and leaving some to the imagination perfectly.

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