CXVI trilogy, Secrets broken

CXVI Secrets Broken

CXVI Secrets Broken

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Book 2 in the CXVI trilogy, Secrets broken, is a complex plot, although some say it would read as a stand-alone.

Who will survive?

The hunt is on for Maria Barnes when she is implicated in the murder of a former member of parliament. She’s desperate to prove her innocence, but she’s trapped.

Kidnapped by a ruthless serial killer who knows her secret, Barnes is forced into working with him.

Secrets Broken whisks you off into a dark underworld of scandal involving the highest members of the British Government.

Who can she trust?

Hold tight for a fast paced, edge of your seat thriller. Captivating, unpredictable and shocking, just like the first in the CXVI trilogy, CXVI The Beginning of the End.

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