CXVI Desperate Measures by Angie Smith

CXVI Desperate Measures (Book 3 in the CXVI trilogy)

CXVI Desperate Measures

CXVI Desperate Measures (Book 3 in the CXVI trilogy)

She’s missing – but does she want to be found?

It is now three years since Detective Superintendent Greg Woods retired, and his life has been consumed with the desperate search for his former Detective Sergeant, Maria Barnes. This chaotic, and so far unsuccessful quest, has taken its toll on his physical and mental wellbeing.

However, he finally receives a knock at the door with what he considers to be his most promising lead. He teams up with a young, spirited and extremely competent hacker, who also holds a vested interest in finding Barnes and his old adversary Faulkner-Brown.

What they discover sends shockwaves around the globe and threatens international security. With Woods’ health dramatically failing he knows this is his final chance, success or failure, his last hurrah!

About the author

Angie SmithAngie Smith

Born in Doncaster and educated at Huddersfield University where she graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Education and Training. Following a long career in adult education, information technology, training and performance management she retired early to travel further and more frequently.
She was nominated for an award for her work on knowledge transfer partnerships, during which she co-produced and presented a published journal article at the International Social Work Conference in Durban.

In 2013 her travels were halted when she was diagnosed with locally advanced breast cancer. A year of extensive and gruelling treatment changed her life and the desire to publish her novel became a goal. The novel, CXVI – The Beginning of the End, is the first in this crime thriller trilogy.

She currently enjoys life in West Yorkshire with her husband, youngest son and two dogs.
Twitter Name: @cxviangie
Facebook Name: Angie Smith Author



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