CXVI by Angie Smith

CXVI by Angie Smith


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The Beginning of the End

Who will survive?

Two murders, both off motorway bridges, both connected to extramarital affairs and linked by Roman numerals found at the scene what is CXVI. Why?

Then, British Detective Superintendent Woods, known for solving high-profile cases runs into serious trouble when a colleague is murdered. Quirky Detective Sergeant Maria Barnes has a chequered history although Woods sees potential in her.  But is there more to her than meets the eye?

When the Secret Intelligence Service show interest in Barnes and the investigation there’s a race against time to stop the killer and uncover who or what CXVI really is… The shocking truth is found at the heart of the Government and trapped deep underground.

Set in West Yorkshire (Wakefield, Dewsbury, Huddersfield) with travel to Manchester, barrow in furness, Cumbria, Hawes, North Yorkshire and beyond including Montpellier, France, Los Cristianos, Spain, The Seychelles.

Fast-paced and an absolutely gripping book
Refreshingly brilliant!
Ripe with intrigue
Maria Barnes: I love her and want to be her
This would make an awesome film

About the author

Angie Smith
Born in Doncaster and educated at Huddersfield University where she graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Education and Training. Following a long career in adult education, information technology, training and performance management she retired early to travel further and more frequently.
She was nominated for an award for her work on knowledge transfer partnerships, during which she co-produced and presented a published journal article at the International Social Work Conference in Durban.

In 2013 her travels were halted when she was diagnosed with locally advanced breast cancer. A year of extensive and gruelling treatment changed her life and the desire to publish her novel became a goal. The novel, CXVI – The Beginning of the End, is the first in this crime thriller trilogy.

She currently enjoys life in West Yorkshire with her husband, youngest son and two dogs.
Twitter Name: @cxviangie
Facebook Name: Angie Smith Author

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By Beeshon on June 7, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

This is a very good thriller. I thoroughly enjoyed it but for one little, very little niggle…more of that later.

In it, we have Superintendent Detective Greg Woods linking together a series of murders that have occurred over a period of years. Although not an incompetent detective, his task is certainly made a good deal easier by the addition of a new and young detective sergeant to his team. Maria Barnes is very canny, intelligent and thorough: assets needed to get a step ahead not only of a serial killer who has to be stopped–and soon–but also of internal bigshots eager to hamper the investigation. Greg and Maria decide to be `creative’, but find themselves not only chasing, but being chased.

As a thriller, this ticks all the boxes and it’s meticulous and precise. I really like Angie Smith’s writing and as well as giving us a captivating and gripping story, she’s created two very likeable characters in Woods and Barnes, who despite the difference in their ages and approaches to their jobs, couldn’t be more well suited. Their banter is slick and sharp, and the action throughout is fast-paced and well written. In short, an excellent page-turner.

My niggle? It really is just a small one and only a personal one. I hadn’t realised this was the first in a trilogy–I’m quite happy with trilogies, but I do like the books to stand alone, so that I don’t feel obliged to read them all. I didn’t feel I had finished the book, so I’m just a teensy bit peeved that in order to find out what happens after the cliffhanger ending, I’ll have to read the next book. That said, with two such strong, well-defined and engaging main characters, I’m adequately compelled not only to spend a good deal more time with them, but also to read more of this skilled author.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to review it.


Format: Kindle Edition

I am writing this review in short, raspy, heaving gasps while propped up in a corner of my library. I look as though I have just gone ten rounds with Henry Cooper. I have used my belt as an emergency tourniquet around my brain, but I’ll need blood plasma and a stiff bucket of gin & it before I can fix my wild-eyed expression or put the boeuf back into my limp and bedraggled bouffant. My kindle is on the floor next to me, screen smashed and sparks flying as the battery dies. I didn’t do it. The dog is looking at me with his head on one side, wondering if he might need to book himself back in to the shelter before long, or perhaps the Betty Ford Clinic. All I did was buy, download and then click to read CXVI. All the dog did was to sit with his faithful head on my shoulder, growling if I was too slow to turn the pages.

My brain is a simple one, it’s the brain of an “artistic type”. My brain doesn’t wear a uniform or a laboratory coat or strut about issuing pithy orders in time of crisis. Think kaftan, think sitar music, think organic tofu on a bed of spinach steamed over de-ionised spring water, and you have a grip on my psyche. A grip! Hah – I remember having a grip of my own, vaguely. Now all I have a grip on is my handkerchief – and I’m chewing it. Read this book a friend said, it’s great, you’ll love it, it’ll be a delight to read something NOT set on some other continent.

They were correct on all counts. The book is based in Yorkshire, and it was a juicy, soy-sauce soaked delight to read a book set in England for a change. What they DIDN’T tell me was that the book was three hundred pages of murder, mystery, intrigue and with the rushing, the constant rushing about.Read more ›


By Bodicia on April 16, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Detective Barnes and Woods are on the tale of a murderer who appears to be randomly killing people. The clues begin to build up a warped picture of government cover ups and disgruntled employees but every lead seems to bring a dead end brought about by the interference of the Secret Services.

Barnes, a modern day Lara Croft, is just a minor ranked detective but it soon becomes clear she has more skills than she has previously been given credit for. I love the character of Maria Barnes and I would read the next book in the series for her alone. She totally outshines her male counterparts but in a way which leaves a wave of satisfaction from the reader in her wake.

Woods is old school and a bit of a perfectionist with a reputation of solving the more difficult crimes but even he is having trouble with the intricacies of this tightly woven plot.

At the heart of a good mystery is a writer who can keep you guessing and Angie Smith does this extremely well in this crime thriller, her debut novel. This is the first in a series and my only gripe with it was the way it ended in readiness for the next one BUT I have to overlook this because the book is too good not to tell you about it.




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