Crosses and Runes by Brian Triplett

Crosses and Runes by Brian Triplett

Crosses and Runes

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is an urban fantasy suspense thriller about black ops field agents with magic powers who try to foil a plot to conquer our world.  A half-elf sorcerer named Jonathan and his team travel between our world, the eleven Homelands, and the territory of the mysterious dark elves as they attempt to stop the infamous Morgan le Fay, her dark elf minions, and her vampire allies from enslaving humanity. Jonathan’s plans go horribly awry just as they start foiling Morgan’s plot.  Will he and his friends be able to stop her in time?

About the author

Crosses and Runes is my first novel. It is the first installment in a series called The Summersgate Chronicles, which will hopefully be at least a trilogy.  I’m working on book two now and playing with an idea for book three.  The book and its sequel blend fantasy, science fiction and suspense elements and coat everything in a thick coat of genre-savvy first-person narration. If you enjoy the works of Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, or Charles Stross you might get a kick out of my book.

I am a 42-year old ex-journalist from Spokane, Washington (where parts of the book take place).   I have been a fantasy and science fiction buff since before I could tie my shoes and I used to be a huge comic book geek, so those influences naturally crept into my attempt to create a story about killing vampires that didn’t turn into an interspecies romance.  Hopefully, Crosses and Runes is as fun to read as it was to write.


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Crosses and Runes is a raucous, action-packed romp through places as familiar as contemporary USA and as otherworldly as…well, other worlds (technically dimensions, but you get the idea). The hero faces slews of vampires, a host of dark elves, and magic users galore, using the tools of his trade — telekinesis, magic, martial arts, and machine guns (okay, most of them aren’t actually full out machine guns, but again…you get the idea). In the midst of all this adventure, Triplett weaves in pop culture references, wry humor, and a sprinkling of romance just to touch all bases.

If this sounds like your kind of Crosses and Runes , the consider this is a 5-star review. If you’re not sure, take a chance — it’ll still be a 4-star experience at the least, because Triplett has a little something for just about every kind of reader lurking in these pages.

Sharpen your steel. Lock and load. Mutter an incantation. And while you’re at it, watch “Die Hard” again and pick a good one-liner…because it’s go time!


By Jennifer Daley on September 10, 2015

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Fun and witty!
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