Crazy Things My Daughter Says by Stephanie Chapman

Crazy Things

Crazy Things


Crazy Things My Daughter Says


Have you ever had the opportunity to sit around and listen to a group of teenagers talk? Better yet, have you ever really sat down with your teenager and had a conversation with them where you couldn’t help but literally “laugh out loud” because of something they said? Well I have and my daughter and her friends say some of the craziest things…so about a year ago I started writing them down. Some of the things she says are better heard than read but hilarious none the less. She provides plenty of entertainment for me and our friends and family so I thought I would share them (or as my friends like to call them…brandi-ism’s) with the rest of the world.


About the Author:

Stephanie Chapman is a full-time mom and employed outside the home as well. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her son and daughter, she also enjoys photography and traveling. She lives in Ashland, Ohio. This is her first book she has written.



  1. Everyone knows the famous quotes from Jessica Simpson, but move over Jessica…..Brandie is making a bigger mark on the world. This must have book is perfect for table top to invoke conversations and smiles. The innocence behind the questions and remarks shows that naive side of youth that is so rare today, but brings a smile and giggle when you read the book. Awesome job Stephanie and Brandie, looking forwards to the next book already!
  2. This is a cute and entertaining book. The graphics along with the comical scenarios that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Reminds me of the old TV show “Kids say the darnedest things”. I see a series of these books in the future and look forward to the laughs they bring!

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