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Crazy Free

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Crazy Free is the true story of my escape from the “normal” world. It follows my steps as I transition from career, husband and suburban house to living off the grid with my heart as sole guide. The journey takes me to hike 2,660 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, kayak 444 miles of the Yukon, explore the Indian Himalayas, and other “lesser” adventures. But the greatest adventure is the inner-transformation that ensues.

About the Author

Melissa WyldBiography

Melissa Wyld (a.k.a The Bobcat) is a feral writer. She lives off-grid in her trusty Toyota Truck. She wakes up every day to the first rays of sun illuminating the pristine wilderness she has chosen to call home for the night, cooks on a 3-oz stove made from a cat food can, nurtures a special friendship with one particular desert bee (with a severe addiction to Vermont maple syrup), grows organic sprouts on the front passenger seat, pursues adventures of the epic kind, and writes stories about them on her tailgate.

Her first book, Crazy Free, was written on the road, among the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, in the vibrant green forests of New Hampshire, at the foot of majestic Mt. Baker in Washington, and everywhere in between. She does not currently have any plan to move back indoors.

When she is not hiking, roaming or writing, Melissa finances her addiction for travel by working as a hiking guide, yoga instructor and indie book-formatter.

Her next upcoming adventures are southbound thru-hikes of the Appalachian Trail (2016) and Continental Divide Trail (2017). [She completed the Pacific Crest Trail in 2012]


Format: Kindle Edition

Many of us dream of giving up comfort and security for absolute freedom but lack the courage or confidence to really give it a go. If your mind ever goes there, this book will strike you to the core. If not, it might just take you there. The author is either imaginatively delusional, or has figured out the secret to the universe and living life to its fullest, but in the end it really doesn’t matter because it’s all about the journey, and hers is remarkable. Her ability to share her story and inner dialogue will both validate and confuse the reader who is searching for a higher self, while demanding proof of its existence. Melissa has her finger on the pulse of the richness and potential of human experience as well as the internal struggle we all face. Whether you’re a spiritual idealist or a pragmatic materialist there is something for everyone to relate to in this story, and certainly something to be inspired by. This book will not be easy to put down. Jump down the rabbit hole. See where it takes you!.
By yote on January 2, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Remember that old Calvin & Hobbes collection, The Days Are Just Packed? About how Calvin, the boy hero of the comic strip, experiences time, alongside Hobbes, his stuffed-tiger confidante? …Melissa Wyld experiences time in a similar way. Like a kid on summer vacation, she’s on tiger time. But that wasn’t always so. Once upon a time, Wyld surrounded herself with the trappings of conventional adulthood. A house, a lawn, a husband… the approved earmarks of success. Yet one day her sneaky inner spirit, or her higher self – however you want to put it – stuck out a leg and tripped her. Wyld’s ensuing free-fall down the Rabbit Hole is recorded here, in Crazy Free.

You could call Crazy Free whimsical. But it’s as true to Wyld as your own reality is to you.

You might say it’s “imaginative,” but that would only reveal the self-imposed borders of cynicism: a common safety device that you and I may employ, on occasion, so as to not face fear and embrace our own innate power. You and I possess the same force that Wyld – a.k.a. the Bobcat – has actively learned to wield: that of manifesting our own reality. Yet in so many adults, this force hibernates, clouded by fear. Fear of what others will think. Fear of the leap. Crazy Free is a poke in the spiritual gut. Psst! It can be another way.

Finally you might say, perhaps playfully, that the Bobcat lives in a time warp. Refusing to grow up, inhabiting her own little NeverNeverLand. But what if the alleged “real world” is the time warp, and Bobcat has tapped into a clearer, less cluttered perception of time? Time as we all knew it once – as children – or time as we might re-discover it on the trail? Time as we know it – or rather, ignore it – when doing anything we’re passionate about? The days of the Bobcat are just packed, and each moment feels like a tiny universe.

After reading her story I, for one, want to live a little more like the Bobcat..

By J. Walker on December 29, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

A voyage of self discovery. How many dare to follow the small voice of Truth? Crazy? Depends on your point of view. Free? Maybe not quite there yet, but The Bobcat explores openly her journey. Great read. Loved it.



By Brendan Hodge on January 6, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

There are many reasons to read Crazy Free. You might like the cover. You might wonder what an Epic Spiritual Journey may be. You may know the author as I have for many years and along the way was told some version of the story. When Crazy Free finally landed in my hands, I was excited to maybe get the rest of the story. I wondered what Melissa had really been doing and how those adventures were connected. I was also curious if I had made it in the book (I had, though very briefly). The details are what I was after but what I received instead was greatly better. Crazy Free is not a travelogue, though there is lots of travel, and it is not a spiritual guide, though there is spirituality, it is a story of transformation from one lifestyle into an entirely different other. The writing is clear and avoids getting muddled with excessive description and dialog. A commendable feat on its own. Perhaps an even greater success is the prose that weaves a story bulging with all the mis-adventures and courage that such an epic transformation requires. I admit, this review is biased. I was going to love this book however it was written. But when I step way-way back, even from 2,650 miles away this is still a really good book..
By Amazon Customer on January 4, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Everything happens for a reason.

I couldn’t have read this book at a more serendipitous time in my life. I was incredibly inspired by Melissa’s story; so much so that it empowered me to take my own leap of faith. It’s no small task to exchange security for the freedom to follow your heart. And it’s an even larger task to trust in the process: to embrace rather than fear the great unknown.

Melissa’s story will inspire anyone who has ever wondered “can I do what I really want to do?”


Her story is one affirmation after another that The Rabbit Hole is a very real place inhabited by fellow travelers where miracles occur. The magic is all around us — it’s a world within our own but it can only be accessed by first letting go.

Thank you, Bobcat..

By Christopher Loren on June 8, 2015

Format: Paperback

Crazy Free is funny, enlightening, thought- provoking and quite addicting, which makes it hard to stop at any one page. The way Melissa colors her adventures with rich descriptions brought me into a world where I had to remind myself I was reading a book.

Crazy Free is a sort of Eat Pray Love with dirt under the fingernails, an Into the Wild type of story where, thankfully, the heroine returns safe and sound from the wilderness, having learned, grown and transformed.

With child-like curiosity, Melissa explores intriguing areas of human spirituality, making ‘hard to reach’ realities seem normal, yet never loses sight of the epic vistas that surround her.

I see this book becoming a highly addictive read for anyone who dares enter the world of The Bobcat. It will affect your brain and expand your awareness to some very interesting topics and epic vistas…… might even catch a radical curiosity bug.

~ Christopher Loren, author of Unspirituality: Permission to be human




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