Cramped Quarters Mary's Trunk by Ron Shaw

Cramped Quarters Mary’s Trunk


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is the result of our purchase of an item that is haunted…MARY’S TRUNK.

The initial book, MARY’S TRUNK of my CRAMPED QUARTERS series had to be written because the ghost who occupies the Victorian camelback trunk that we purchased years ago at a local estate sale demanded it.
Mary, the ghost within the trunk, literally came with the acquisition of her antique crypt. It remains her tomb, and they remain in our possession. Over the past few years, many offers to purchase her and the trunk have been presented to us.
Years ago when we brought Mary’s trunk home, her haunting began rather quickly. From the beginning, it was plain that she was a very sad ghost who was trapped. Her book, MARY’S TRUNK chronicles in the present what she has become to us. I relate stories that were going on in our lives and past while Mary wove herself into my tales. She is truly a force and this initial book in the CRAMPED QUARTERS series will show the reader the terror that comes when she demands attention.
MARY’S TRUNK is a contemporary ghost story that is filled with laughter, tears, and tragedy. You’ll experience an emotional journey as you read your way through this series. When it goes to the distant past, everything changes. Some readers have said that the books in this series that follow MARY’S TRUNK reminded them of author Charles Dickens.
I hadn’t planned to write more than this first book, MARY’S TRUNK. Our ghost Mary insisted on taking me through my dreams back to her life and eventual death during the end of Edwardian and beginning Victorian eras in England. Her experiences make-up the next three installments of the CRAMPED QUARTERS series. The next book is MARY’S JOURNEY BEGINS followed by MARY’S JOURNEY CONTINUES, and a short story entitled PAUL’S STORY. With these books the reader will be shown Mary’s drably-colored life, discovery of love, eventual tragic death, and emergence as a trapped and tortured soul. You will experience what had transpired that keeps her entombed within her trunk.
MARY’S TRUNK is drastically different than MARY’S JOURNEY BEGINS, MARY’S JOURNEY CONTINUES, and PAUL’S STORY. I’m certain the readers will fall in love with our Mary, as we have.
MARY’S TRUNK launched me into this paranormal tale. I fear a reckoning is coming. Only Mary can show what happens next.
This is MARY’S TRUNK and Mary’s story. I’m simply the apperition’s conduit showing it.
The artwork below of ghost Mary was created by my artist friend and fellow author Steve Cartwright of Georgia whose writing appears in DARK TALES. This is how Mary appears now. In life, she was a beautiful baby, child, girl, and young lady.
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