Collisions by P.S.Winn

Collisions by P S Winn



The veil between worlds is thin, using a Ouija board friends tear the veil and the worlds collide with evil heading into this world of collisions .

About the Author

P. S. Winn
Help! The thoughts are spinning!I write because I have to. I cannot fall asleep without thoughts for a book going through my head. They also invade my dreams, so I have to put them on paper. I have to do this long hand. I always write my books first with pen and paper. If I just try and type them for some strange reason,the flow of words is interrupted. So, I am always carrying around my pen and notepad. Which I am more than glad to do, because of my love for it. I will continue writing, even if my books don’t sell, but I hope they do and I hope the readers will love them and want more. I’m not sure how to classify my books. Although the supernatural plays a big part and a bit of the spiritual without being religious. I hope when the readers out there pick up my books they will enjoy my stories. I also have my short stories on Story Star all with great ratings, and poems on All Poetry. Here’s to happy reading for years to come!
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The story line is simple, but Winn executes it elegantly!

By Charity Rowell on July 27, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Melinda and Brock Wilson are madly in love and expecting their first child. When Melinda is awakened by labor pains, she and Brock make their way to the hospital on icy and treacherous roads. In spite of Brock’s cautious driving, the couple is involved in a car accident; Brock manages to move Melinda to the backseat of their SUV where she gives birth to their daughter, Lindy, before passing away.

Heartbroken by Melinda’s death, Brock refuses to remarry and raises Lindy to the best of his abilities. Even though Lindy never knew her mother, she feels that her mother is watching over her. As a young girl, she draws pictures for Melinda and leaves them at her grave; as she matures, the pictures evolve into letters and poetry for her mother and the visits become a way for Lindy to confide in her mother.

Melinda watches Brock and Lindy through the veil that separates the physical and spirit worlds. She is able to stretch the veil for short periods of time to make her presence known; however, she resists the urge to attempt to pass through the veil. What she doesn’t know is that her own daughter will inadvertently open the way for Melinda and allow an evil presence to pass through.

Will Melinda be able to protect her daughter from this evil presence, or will mother and daughter meet for the first time in the spirit world?

From the first page, P.S. Winn’s Collisions will grab your heart and not let go.

Read this with every light in the house on.

By clahain on July 13, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A family torn apart by a road accident learns that this life is not the end.

Lindy is a happy-go-lucky kid raised by her widowed father after her mother dies in a car accident on the night of her birth. Through the years, Lindy has felt a close connection to her mother, as if the woman is close by. This link between worlds becomes crucial when an innocent party game unleashes an evil entity bent on destroying Lindy. Is a mother’s love strong enough to reach beyond the veil separating life and death?

This story surprised me. It began as a sweet, sad tale of a young mother taken too soon, and her child’s efforts to maintain some kind of contact with her. I was unprepared for the dark turn the plot takes at about the 50% mark. Things get scary. Winn never gives the evil spirit stalking Lindy a name or a history, but she doesn’t have to. He’s the embodiment of every closet, under-the-bed, shadowy corner monster that’s ever terrified us.

I love that Winn puts her character into real danger, and it’s never a given that Lindy will survive. The girl’s terror brought tears to my eyes. I finished the book early in the morning and felt unsettled as I shut my bedroom light. Definitely glad I had my dogs in bed with me!

Another nice aspect of COLLISIONS is the depiction of a close father-daughter relationship. Too often these days parents are made out to be villains or at least obstacles to a teen’s happiness. Lindy has another healthy friendship on her side…Carly is a true pal, who doesn’t hesitate to put herself into danger to fix a problem she helped cause.

Finally, just when you think all will be normal, there’s a little tease at the end that hint…maybe not.


Can a Ouija board open a door to another world?

By Izabela on July 10, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Even though Lindy had never seen her mother Melinda, who had died while giving birth to her, she built a bond with her mother by visiting her grave and sharing all the important moments of her life. When Lindy and her friends played with the Ouija board, and opened a door to another world, Melinda sensed right away that her daughter’s life was in danger.
This interesting and emotional story is about life after death, and a love so strong that nothing could break it – not death, not separation, not even pure evil. I cried every time Lindy went to her mother’s grave to tell her all the good and bad news. It was so natural to her, as if her mother had never died. While Lindy carried her mother in her heart everywhere she went, Melinda really was watching over her daughter, and tried to save her from the worst. The bond between the two of them was amazing, so strong and real. I loved this book.


Good Read

By Phoebe Joy Hollister on June 20, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

The book is an easy read and it is well written. The story around Lindy is told with feeling and passion. It starts off with a lot of action, levels out while the girl grows up and builds up toward the end again. The authors dives slightly into the paranormal by giving Lindy’s dead mother a constant part in the story. I would have liked for some threads to be carried on. Why mention Adam and let him vanish right after? I like the importance of the friendship between Lindy and Carly which finally is the reason for a good ending. It is likely only to the girls because the book leaves an out for a continuation. So it is not a cliffhanger but still leaves room for more.
Very fascinating plot!!

By Amazon customer on July 22, 2015

Format: Paperback

Interesting read like all of Pam Winn’s book…This book is about a family whose lives are turned around by an accident and looks at the relationship between father and daughter. Lindy plays with the ouija board and realises that her mother who had died in accident the day she give birth is there. She may have died but somehow she had a connection. Very fascinating story about life and death and makes you rethink about what life is about. Well written and an excellent story by every means.

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