Circus by L’Tanya Leone

The Circus by L'Tanya Leone

The Circus by L’Tanya Leone


Circus by L’Tanya Leone

Asa and Tana loved living in their small town called Seward, and most of all they enjoyed going to their favorite park. Only there was one teeny weeny problem in the park, and it was at the edge of the woods watching and waiting for them to come closer.

You can find my fictional, young adult book on, and the title of my book is called ‘Circus’. Take a quick peek on you tube and watch my trailer ( ltanya leone circus) . You will also find it on under ‘eKindle’. It is a science fiction book for kids between the ages of eight to twelve years old. It deals with bullying, family, friendship, and team work. My feedback has been pretty good. I have been told it is an exciting page turner, and that is from the adults!

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