Chocolate Uncle by Roji Abraham


Chocolate Uncle by Roji Abraham

Chocolate Uncle

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is a contemporary short story inspired by the memoirs of its author. It is a coming-of-age story that explores the friendship between a child and an older man.

The story captures the essence and innocence of childhood and is likely to evoke a bout of nostalgia in every reader.

When a young man, waiting at an airport, sees a brand of chocolate he hadn’t seen in years he reminiscences about somebody from his childhood he had forgotten – a family friend who used to visit their home every fortnight carrying a small gift of chocolates and who was fondly nicknamed ‘chocolate uncle’.

For the boy, chocolate uncle was just another pleasant, affable, over-grown friend with whom he could share his little joys and troubles.  But when life took an unexpected twist and it was time for goodbyes, the child realised how different his grown-up friend had always been.

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Roji Abraham

About the Author

Roji Abraham is an Indian writer who has been writing blogs and stories for over 10 years. He had published his first book titled ‘Kaleidoscopic Lives – Ensemble narratives of the common man’ earlier this year and ‘Chocolate Uncle’ is one of the most popular stories from that collection.

Roji Abraham was born in the tiny, oil-rich country of Kuwait, second child to working-class immigrant parents – a machine operator at a steel plant, and a nurse, in the early 1980s.

At the age of 9, he took flight along with his parents, two siblings and a few bags of old clothes and trinkets, when a certain infamous Iraqi dictator-president (who was later hanged for his war crimes), bombed and invaded the country he lived in. After an adventurous trip in which he recounts living in a refugee camp for three weeks in the middle of a scorching desert called no-man’s-land (somewhere between Jordan and Iraq), sleeping in canvas tents and standing in long queues outside the Red Cross trucks that came everyday to distribute rations, he eventually returned to his native village in South India.

In the years since then, he survived the after-effects of a major leg surgery, completed high school and later graduated with an Engineering degree from a college, known better then for the enviable street fighting skills of its students rather than its academic prowess.

Between 2005 and 2014, he worked for a software company and travelled to and worked in half a dozen countries in Asia, Africa and Europe and indulged in their cultures and cuisines. In between, he also completed a master’s degree in business from a reputed British university and earned his first few pennies as a writer doing ghost writing of academic articles for University students during the time he was left with an empty bank account and no full-time job.

Roji currently lives in Bangalore and reach out to him through his website


Format: Kindle Edition

These days we are so caught up in our busy and chaotic schedules that we oft don’t realize the time gone by. This story made me stop and reminisce over my childhood and the chocolate uncles that I once knew and felt that I could empathize with the sense of nostalgia the story leaves you with. All in all I thought it was a simple but well written story.


By Athul on September 15, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I loved reading it. The book made me recollect the memories of the chocolate uncle I had. I am sure you must have also had a chocolate uncle in your childhood days as in the story. It take you back to your good old memories. Recommended for leisure reading.


By Radri on September 21, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I enjoyed reading this simple yet heartfelt story that took me back to my childhood days! The whole story is illustrated in a lovely way capturing many aspects of life in just few lines.
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