Casting Rights by Kal S. Davian

casting rightaa a novel by  Kal S. Davian

Casting Rights

Casting Rights

This is the third book in my Nihilian Effect Lore series. Casting Rights is about a young man thrust into the past after a prank gone wrong. The device he possesses is coveted by all and makes him a target wherever he goes. The era he ends up in is a dark age after a great war, during which magic is lost. All he can do is travel from village to village in search of someone who might know anything about how he can get back to his own time.

Kal S. Davian grew up in Wisconsin’s Fox Cities surrounded by science fiction and fantasy stories. He spent much of his life designing and fiddling with his ideas. With a love of books and a desire to create, writing was the most achievable method with which to share his works. Most of his time is spent taking care of his family or developing his life’s work, Nihilian Effect.

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