Cadet: Olympian Book 2 by Lee Ness


Cadet- Olympian Book 2

Cadet- Olympian Book 2

Cadet: Olympian Book 2

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Alexander has escaped the Siege of Samos by the skin of his teeth and thinks he can finally relax now that he has been sent to a military academy. But the gods don’t smile on him as he finds that his sworn enemies are now running the academy. Not only that, they manage to turn every cadet against him and he must fight for his life to survive the gruelling regime he’s subjected to.

In Ancient Greece, the quest to compete at the Olympics and all Alexander ever wanted to be was an Olympian, but his mother is Thracian and so he doesn’t look like the other Athenians. In fact, he doesn’t look like other Greeks. His hair is red and his skin his fair and that sets him apart and makes him a target. If that wasn’t bad enough, the man running the academy tried to try him and have him executed in a court martial. The head instructor tried to kill Alexander and was responsible for the death of his father. Between them, they spreads lies about Alexander to the other cadets, making them believe he is a spy and a traitor. Now they all want him dead.
Can he use what he learned on Samos and survive the brutal discipline and the war games to be the last man standing?

About the Author

Lee NessLee Ness writes both fiction and non-fiction books and non-fiction articles.

He has a historical fiction series set around the Olympics in Ancient Greece circa 440BC and a technological thriller called D.E.M. – Deus Ex Machina.
His first book The Sports Motivation Master Plan passes on the experience of many years coaching athletes in multiple sports.
Lee’s articles appear in Athletics Weekly, on and on Lee is head coach at City of Salisbury Athletics and Running Club and was Wiltshire Sport Coach of the Year in 2014.

Twitter Name: @realleeness
Facebook Name: realleeness




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