A Butterfly Day by Carmen Scanlan-Toti


A Butterfly Day

A Butterfly Day

Fridays are Tilly’s days with Grandma. Tilly enjoys spending time with Nana, collecting “treasures” in the park. When she caught a butterfly, it was a perfect treasure to give her Nana. However, an accident made it disappear. Disappointed, what will she do now? Before her day with Nana is over, she manages to get a rare butterfly that Grandma can keep.

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My dearest friend Val became a grandma for the first time. She was excited to have such a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately she also found out that she had pancreatic cancer. Spending the last three months of her life with her grand-daughter Tilly was priceless. My children’s book is dedicated to that relationship- “A Butterfly Day” It’s those moments that we take for granted that makes for special memories.



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