Birth of an Assassin, Books 1-3 by Rik Stone

Birth of an Assassin, Books 1-3 This series of gritty, action packed novels has been brought together to give you in excess of one thousand pages of nail biting suspense. With over 500 5-star reviews and ratings, readers have not been disappointed. Birth of an Assassin: Set against the backdrop of Soviet, post-war Russia, Birth […]

In Sheep’s Clothing by L.D. Beyer

In Sheep’s Clothing L.D. Beyer is the author of two novels, both part of the Matthew Richter Thriller Series. His first book, In Sheep’s Clothing, was published in 2015 and was the #1 bestseller for Espionage Thrillers, Assassination Thrillers and Terrorism Thrillers on Amazon Kindle. Beyer spent over twenty-five years in the corporate world, climbing […]

Your Last Breath by Carole Parkes (Co-author Doug Lafuze)

Your Last Breath  American misfit, Raymond Lang, fled to London when the police were on his tail. Despite other people’s perception of him, he never set out to be a serial killer. He dreams of being an author, of writing a thriller full of suspense. He’s tried many times to write about the gruesome murders […]

In the Forest of Light and Dark by Mark Kasniak

In the Forest of Light and Dark  After the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill shut down the fishing industry in the Gulf causing Cera’s Step Daddy Cade to lose his job, Cera and her parents find themselves in dire straits when they learn that their local bank is planning to foreclose on their home. Now […]

An Evil Mind By Tim Kizer

An Evil Mind  How do you stop a serial killer who can escape from any prison? On December 11, 15-year-old Helen Hinton is brutally murdered in an abandoned house. Her killer, Edward Phillips, is caught and sentenced to death. During a prison visit, Edward tells Helen’s father, Mark Hinton, that he knows who really killed […]

The Man in the Blue Fez by Rik Stone

The Man in the Blue Fez  From a former death camp in the snowy Russian mountains of 1973, Jez Kord is sent into the freezing wastelands to prove himself fit. Pavel Rostislav has orders to hinder his progress and follows closely behind. The training ends, but as they return to camp, the sky fills with […]

At Odds with Destiny presented by Uvi Poznansky

At Odds with Destiny   FREE! this weekend 5-6 December This is a boxed set that contains 10 full length novels, with genres ranging from historical fiction to thrillers to gritty crime fiction, written by the fabulous, highly acclaimed authors: Uvi Poznansky, Aaron Paul Lazar, Christoph Fischer, Brandt Legg, Amalie Jahn, Suzanne Jenkins, S.W. Vaughn, […]

Saving Babe Ruth author Tom Swyers

Saving Babe Ruth When Civil War buff and burned-out lawyer David Thompson fights to save a kids’ baseball league, he’s launched on a thrill ride that threatens his family, his team, and his life. Captivating characters lead double lives and keep secrets in this award-winning page-turner based on a true story. A cast of shady adults and the high school baseball coaches hate […]

THE FINE LINE by Tracee Ford

THE FINE LINE (Between Worlds Series, book 1) There is the fine line between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and Robin Hillard and her handsome husband Dr. Matthew Gregory are about to cross it. After the two meet in the ER of the local hospital, Robin and Matt begin […]

The Laws of Attraction by Howard Reiss

The Laws of Attraction At 88-years old Ben Everett is killed by a loose truck tire that smashes into his windshield and his grieving family soon discovers that he has left his multi-million dollar estate to his new 24-year old wife, Susannah McCreedy. When the marriage and the will are challenged in court, Susannah claims […]

Sins of a Priest by Brian Robert Smith

  Sins of a Priest He dropped the camera and stared at its monitor. The video paused. His face, in lustful pleasure, was frozen on the screen. Marcus grew up a gangster kid, but now he’s a Priest. He’s come back home to re-start a 19th century Catholic church that has been completely vandalized. He […]

Fog of War by Ethan Jones

FOG OF WAR is the third book in the wildly popular Justin Hall spy thriller series, hitting the Amazon’s Top 10 Best Sellers lists in 2012, 2013 and 2014. When an Iranian nuclear scientist wants to defect, Canadian Intelligence Service sends in its best agent, Justin Hall. After his mission is compromised and Justin barely […]

The Turkish Connection by Rik Stone

The Turkish Connection   Mehmet battles to survive the murky Istanbul of 1951on a daily basis while being forced to learn the skills of thievery and violence alongside the other street children. Every evening he curls up under a stinking jetty in a waterway off the Bosporus Strait, yearning to break free from the life […]

PATH- Return Of The Reich by Robert A. Webster

PATH- Return Of The Reich Besides the US President, who else knows there is a spirit guide in the White House? This gripping paranormal thriller will have you mesmerised. Churchill Potts is the mortal keeper of an earth-bound portal. When the restless spirit of the Twentieth century’s greatest despot contacts him; his team of two […]

Home To Roost by C.A. Hocking

Home To Roost Marian Hardwick has achieved everything she ever wanted to become the most powerful woman in the country. She is admired by some, but seen as ruthless, calculating and manipulative by others. Only two men really know her – her husband and her brother – but one loves her and the other hates […]

Damaged Goods by C.A.Hocking

Damaged Goods Is a powerful, hard-hitting story about three sisters who are subjected to a childhood of unrelenting abuse at the hands of their father. The girls create a strange, unnatural world for themselves in their desperate efforts to survive their violent, isolated prison, but it is human nature to seek escape, and each of […]

Get out of My Dreams by Allan J. Lewis

“Get out of My Dreams” is a Psychological Thriller with a difference. The US Government knows they have a very dangerous rogue hypnotist roaming the streets of California. He can get into people’s minds and then their dreams, where he hypnotise them in their sleep to do his bidding. The FBI named him “The Magic […]

Bad Memories by Douglas Sandler

Bad Memories Who’s murdering who in Millersburg? John Miller was a doctor at the asylum. He was sure he didn’t kill three people with the wrong dosage. Bad Memories gives you a tangled web of love, betrayal, double cross and manipulative individuals and murder. The relations between characters will keep you reading born April 1967 […]

Addicted by Nigel May

ADDICTED. Even for the rich and famous, getting clean is a dirty business. Four women, one killer, one victim…but who is who and who will survive? All with so much to live for, but all addicted to demons that could shatter their lives for forever. Martha Éclair the wine heiress who loves both her wine […]

Militia by Justin D. Russell

Militia by Justin D. Russell The people of the United states are paying for the government’s record debt in the worst possible way. Having run out of money and unable to borrow more there is no choice but an actual shut down, of everything. The ongoing, decades-long wars have finally come to an end. The […]

SATAN’S BREED by B. J. Kibble

SATAN’S BREED ‘Carlisle believes he’s on a straightforward stakeout to mark a terrorist for an SAS ‘Kill Squad’. Chaos ensues when the target is suddenly obliterated in a huge explosion. Then Carlisle’s girl and work colleague is kidnapped when terrorists attack a police station, and his boss severely wounded when a CIA team is massacred […]


Crime-Murder-Mystery-Thriller We all like to see the baddie get justice served to them. Here are some that we recommend and are available on Amazon by clicking the book cover or the Click HERE link. Enjoy your reading and please come again, new titles are constantly being updated with more Crime-Murder-Mystery-Thriller . Captive Threat $3.99 Devil […]

Kept by Tracey Lampley

  Kept by Tracey Lampley No nonsense Kate Mercer never thought she’d become a kept woman, but when she wants out of the arrangement with multi-millionaire, Carrington Grant, she finds herself in deadly danger. So she flees into the arms of her ex, Lamar Burton, a former NFL linebacker-turned-cop who harbors his own jealousies and […]

The Phoenix Project by D.M. Cain

480 pages The Phoenix Project by D.M. Cain is set in a bleak and uncompromising future where terrorist attacks and religious fundamentalism have become rife across the globe. The government has outlawed religion and is struggling to control an increasingly violent public. The nation is angry, scared and lost and with this fear comes a […]

The Inheritance by L.V. Starkey

  The Inheritance by L.V. Starkey It’s December 30, 2010. The bumbling US Congress’s inability to reach an agreement on a tax law in a timely manner is affecting the wealthy in ways they could not imagine. One of those wealthy is Winston Brickley—eighty-three, industrialist, widower, and third-richest man in South Carolina. And his two […]

The Dead Cry for Justice by Barbara Villemez

The Dead Cry for Justice Honeymooners Cate and Mitch open a pandora’s box when they discover old bones of an execution off an animal trail in the Big Horn Mts of Wyoming. The tourist town of Spenser is the key to the mystery. But when bodies start dropping like flies, Cate suspects the Mayor of […]

Dark Night of the Navajo by Barbara Villemez

Dark Night of the Navajo A tale of intrigue and murder in northern New Mexico. When Cate O’Connor attends a sweat lodge at a powwow, a native man is murdered. She witnesses the killer leave the lodge. Knowing that Cate can identify him, he kidnaps her. His intention is to take her to the cave […]

Dead Sugar Daddies Don’t Lie by Barbara Villemez,

Dead Sugar Daddies Don’t Lie Alison Andrews is beautiful, narcissistic and broke. Sitting in her hotel room in Las Vegas, she hasn’t found a worthy prospect in the surrounding area and decides to go online to a dating site. Bingo, she finds the perfect man and he’s in Las Vegas on business. They agree to […]