Dreams Defiled by Ian Miller

Dreams Defiled .Book 2 of the First Contact trilogy. As the party that saw the first evidence of alien civilization leave Cydonia, they each had dreams of what their future would hold. All Nathan Gill wanted was to be left alone. Grigori Timoshenko wanted to build a defence force capable of deterring advanced aliens, Fiona […]

Red Gold by Ian Miller

Red Gold by Ian Miller David Gill has trouble selling food to the hungry, but when, in the early summer of 2075, he arrives in Los Angeles to seal a deal with Robbie Newall, he realizes his troubles are getting very much worse, very quickly. His business associates, Moonbeam Enterprises, have registered him for the […]

GERMINATION by G. L. Sheridan

GERMINATION by G.L. Sheridan No-one can escape a hangman. It’s a persistent and indestructible android assassin that tracks an individual’s DNA – and it’s after Clove. He’s forced to seek refuge on his mother’s ship.  After shaking off the hangman by taking a crazy spiraling route through space, they end up in a wild and woolly […]

Quantum Gate by Daniel Betts

Quantum Gate A nefarious gang of pirates challenges the advanced defenses of an ancient orbital space platform. Recently promoted, Captain Jason Drake inadvertently flies his brand new ship and fresh crew into the center of a pirate vendetta. Looking to escape the carnage of a galactic war, bio-mechanical beings are tricked into performing a perilous […]

Open Channel by Daniel Betts

Open Channel Jason Drake, the rogue captain of a remarkable warship, is on a campaign of justice against the perpetrators of a terrible tragedy that robbed him of his beloved daughter’s life and ended his marriage to his uniquely talented wife, Aria. Perhaps it was unrealistic for either of them to expect that their unique […]