The Baby on the Back Porch

The Baby on the Back Porch “Do you need anything else, Ms. Eriksson?” Sara’s new landlord, David Sanders, scrutinized her with an amused expression. He had just shown her the cabin and explained the specifics, after which she had signed the rental agreement. Sara guessed he was in his early thirties. He was quite good-looking […]

The Little Black Dress by Amelie Rose

The Little Black Dress (Short story)  The black dress hung in her wardrobe, a reminder of a time when life was less demanding and responsibilities few. She had been tempted many times to give it away, due to the legacy of an extra two dress sizes after having the twins, but something had always stopped […]

“No Outlet” By Piper Templeton

“No Outlet” Copyright ©Piper Templeton   I don’t know if God gifted me with a curse or he cursed me with a gift.  It happens out of the blue.  I may go years without this thing visiting upon me.  Then, boom.  I feel something, I see something, I know something.  And it’s never good. My […]

Sniper by Grant Leishman

SNIPER: A Short-Story Copyright © Grant Leishman The droplet of sweat rolled carelessly off his forehead, under his cap, and down into his left eye; his shooting eye. Angrily, Corporal Robert Sullivan rubbed his sleeve across his face. It was always like this; the waiting was the hardest part of any operation. You had to […]

Simulation Over by Nicholas C. Rossis

Simulation Over Short story Copyright © Nicholas C. Rossis I stole a panicked look behind me and bolted towards the corridor where the nearest elevator could be found.  I kept glancing behind me.  Mercifully, this corridor was empty, unlike the last ones, which crawled with… what do I even call them?  Until a few hours […]

It Was Done To The Butler by Jerold Last

It Was Done To The Butler Copyright ©Jerold Last Chapter 1.  The corpse on the floor Our nice quiet evening with the stars was interrupted by a scream from upstairs. “I’ve got it.  You two stay with Vera and make sure she’s safe.” I ran up the stairs towards the sound of the screams, which […]

Friday Flowers by Amelie Rose

Friday Flowers Copyright ©Amelie Rose _______________________________________________________   The first bouquet arrived at 10 am on the first Friday in June. It arrived by courier and contained no note. The scripted handwriting simply said, `To Ms Stephanie Pringle, CEO, Buchans Finance. The flowers were lovely and, although she was due in an important meeting, she took […]

The Dog With No Name By Jerold Last

    The Dog With No Name Copyright ©Jerold Last It was “bring your parent to school day”.  Roger Bowman was answering questions about his job posed by his young son Robert’s kindergarten classmates.  The pending questions were, “Have you always been a detective?” and “Who is the strangest client you ever had?” “I used […]

My Mother, My Daughter and Me by Susan Tarr

   My Mother, My Daughter and Me Copyright ©susan Tarr It’s not that I’m usually strange. No one has ever told me I am. But this isn’t a normal afternoon. I’m in the supermarket (with my daughter) and there is a very faint smell, just enough to alert my senses, tweak my memories. It’s not […]

This is Me by Julie Frayn

This is Me Copyright ©  Julie Frayn Carol Ann stared at each picture that hung on her wall. A mug of sweet tea, light with too much milk, warmed her hands.She touched her fingers to her temple, shook her head and moved on to a photo taken seventeen years earlier. Jeremy plodded into the room, […]

Rag Doll by Rebecca Scarberry

RAG DOLL A Short Story by Rebecca Scarberry Copyright by Rebecca Scarberry All Rights Reserved Cover Design by Jason White This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or locales is […]

SEMPER FIDELIS”: by Grant Leishman

“SEMPER FIDELIS”: Copyright © Grant Leishman Gingerly, he moved his head to one side. That was his first mistake. He could swear he felt his brain sloshing from one side of his skull to the other and slamming into the hard bone there. He winced in pain and deciding discretion was the better part of […]

Proposal by Kerry J.Donovan

Proposal Copyright © Kerry J Donovan The station clock hanging from the wrought iron roof brace seems to have stopped. The dark hands and black numerals of the Victorian timepiece fade behind a grey mist swirling in from the sea. I squint to bring the numbers into focus. Less than three minutes to go. Come on, […]


A LIFETIME IN A NANOSECOND Copyright © Cary Allen Stone A LIFETIME IN A NANOSECOND© In the Washington mall, I found an empty bench and decided to recline and people watch. I like to people watch. It’s more fun than any channel on the television, news network, reality show or sporting events. It was one of […]

ROCK’S BAD NIGHT by Phoebe Matthews..

ROCK’S BAD NIGHT Copyright © Phoebe Matthews “I got what you want,” Rock said into his phone. “I can bring it now. Be there in an hour.” “Nah, not tonight, kid. We’re closing. Come by at eight tomorrow morning and pull up behind the office. Don’t forget to change the plates.” Before Rock could object, […]

The Car by Chris Leishman

THE CAR: A Short-Story By:   Copyright ©Chris Leishman  It started, oddly enough, with the start of an engine. That’s how it began; don’t ask me why this begins that way; it just does. Jacob and a few others were there too, watching me in this mint, broken-down, pink, Cadillac, grease covering my hands and face, […]

The Hand of God by Nicholas C. Rossis

What you call freedom is still nothing but choosing how to steer straight into the heart of what chooses you. – Kate Gleason The Hand of God Copyright © Nicholas C.Rossis The bartender rubbed a soiled glass with a dirty towel, not quite sure which one was cleaning the other. The bar might be a […]

Hidden In Plain Sight by Mimi Barbour

Hidden In Plain Sight Copyright © Mimi Barbour Tonight, I have another blind date to look forward to, the fourth in as many weeks. Once again, my hopes are high. I keep telling myself to cut it out and stop building foolish dreams, especially since I’m always disappointed. Isn’t there one nice, normal, single guy […]

Gifts of Jangalore by Aurora Springer

  Gifts of Jangalore  Short Story Set in the Grand Masters’ Universe    Copyright ©Aurora Springer Rosa Spruce steered the flitter across the continent, high above the forest stretching from the amber ocean to the horizon. Jangalore was an untrammeled planet of junglescovered in a blanket of yellow clouds. The trees had leaves of a strange […]

The Stranger by Effrosyni Moschoudi

  The Stranger Copyright ©The Stranger by Effrosyni Moschoudi Hidden behind a tree, I had watched earlier this morning as he drove away in his car. He passed right by me and I had a good look at him. I still can’t believe this is happening. He came back a few minutes ago. This is […]

Lazy Weekend No2 by Amelie Rose

Mum on Strike by Amelie Rose

Mum’s On Strike Copyright ©Amelie Rose all rights reserved Muttering about ungrateful offspring and unsupportive spouses, Jackie Browne grabbed a rung of the narrow rope ladder and, slowly and awkwardly, hauled herself upwards. After years of watching the children scramble nimbly about the huge oak tree, she had expected the climb to be a breeze […]

Free Short Story by Amelie Rose

  Harry’s Haunting Free Short Story by Amelie Rose __________________________________________________________   Hi, my name is Harry and I’m a ghost.   I’m fairly new to the haunting scene but I think I’m doing okay, given that I never had any training for the job; just sort of fell into it unexpectedly, ha ha. It’s a […]

Catching the Light by Mary Grand

Catching the Light  Four exciting new short stories from the author of “free to Be Tegan”. Each story features a different woman in very different circumstances, but they are united by hope and empowerment. Described by one reviewer (amazon uk) as “different, insightful and charming”. The stories are set on the Isle of Wight, where […]

Chocolate Uncle by Roji Abraham

  Chocolate Uncle is a contemporary short story inspired by the memoirs of its author. It is a coming-of-age story that explores the friendship between a child and an older man. The story captures the essence and innocence of childhood and is likely to evoke a bout of nostalgia in every reader. When a young […]

Horses of Paiute Canyon by D A Grady

Horses of Paiute Canyon Big Jim Crenshaw is an old time cowboy from boots to hat. While most of his fellow wranglers hated riding fence, it was something that he enjoyed because he was a true loner. After spring roundup on the huge Diamond G ranch, southeast of Reno, Nevada he asked for the job. […]

Be Sure Your Sins by David Allen & Josie Bloom

Be sure Your Sins A selection of short stories that will send a shiver down your spine. Disturbing little tales that will entertain from writer duo David Allen and Josie Bloom. Contains several stories: Read the BASEMENT, the tale of a father and how a visiting social worker encountered his wife. Enjoy the strange culinary […]

A Friend’s Betrayal by Monica Thomas

A Friend’s Betrayal Agnes Sanchez is a young teenager just moving to a new town. She tries to fit into the new town and make new friends. One mistake she makes during one night of partying comes back to haunt her on one fateful night. About the author Monica Helene Thomas of Gainesville, Florida is […]

Fear No More (Ghost No More Series) by CeeCee James

Fear No More At only seventeen, CeeCee is out on the streets. For her, it is all about finding a place to sleep and something to eat. Yet, just when staying alive can’t get any harder, she meets someone worse off than herself. The last thing she needs is to help someone who is suicidal, […]

A little Bit of Me by Angela Gascoigne

A Little Bit of Me Short Stories and Other Scribbles.   Are you too busy to get stuck into a full-length novel? Worry not. Press the pause button on life for ten minutes. Put your feet up and relax with a cup of tea and A Little Bit of Me.   This collection is sure to […]

No Place Like Home by Angela Gascoigne

No Place Like Home was my first e book to be published. It is a collection of short stories and flash fiction in a variety of genres. Whether you enjoy a spooky story to send a shiver down your spine, or something sweet to warm your heart, you won’t be disappointed. There are tales with […]

The Ruling Elite and Other Stories

The Ruling Elite and Other Stories by  Xina Marie Uhl and Janet Loftis Short fantasy at its finest! Influenced by history and anthropology, the six short stories that make up this collection are rich in adventure, danger, and imagination. From a guardsman yoked to his beautiful mistress by ties of blood to a captain that […]

One Last Gift to Go (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Shorts Book 1)

One Last Gift to Go (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Shorts Book 1) Children aren’t the same as kittens, as Miss Mary Mason is reminded when she volunteers to keep two orphans in her home through Christmas.  Ragged and dirty with bad manners, these children certainly leave much to be desired.  Still, Mary perseveres, unwilling to return […]

A Haunting Christmas (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Shorts Book 4)

A Haunting Christmas (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Shorts Book 4) Betsy Seymour, a young widow, isn’t in the mood for gay chatter and a staff full of holiday cheer as Christmas approaches this year, but duty calls at the cemetery where she works.  Plastering a calming smile on her face, she does her best to meet […]

A Christmas Rescue (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Shorts Book 6)

A Christmas Rescue (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Shorts Book 6) The Christmas tree twinkles from a corner of the room, cookies wait on a plate, and a Nativity holds pride of place on a credenza, but then the phone rings and the family’s holiday celebration – so eagerly anticipated – begins a slow downward spiral. A […]

An Afghan of Many Colors (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Shorts Book 3)

An Afghan of Many Colors (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Shorts Book 3) Finding herself full of anger as Christmas approaches, a dutiful daughter travels to visit her ailing mother at the nursing home that the latter now calls home, only to discover a surprise upon her arrival. A special Christmas present awaits her, offering a chance […]

One More Christmas Past (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Book 2)

One More Christmas Past (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Book 2) Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail can keep four sisters from returning to their childhood home to spend what may well be their last Christmas with Mom and Dad at the latter’s request. Family traditions, home cooked food, pillow fights, and Christmas cookies abound, […]

A Stranger Comes to Town (Annie Acorn’s Kindle Short Mysteries Book 2)

 A Stranger Comes to Town (Annie Acorn’s Kindle Short Mysteries Book 2) Placed alongside the black water swamps of middle Georgia, A Stranger Comes to Town provides the reader with a spooky mystery woven through a web of small town, backwoods intrigue, all reflected against the simpler times of the early 1950s. Young Marnie and […]

Too Busy for Christmas (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Shorts Book 5)

Too Busy for Christmas (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Shorts Book 5) Ruth, a stay-at-home mom, has been busy steering her family towards Christmas.  The church pageant, school events, open houses, no one can deny that everything is being done to insure a perfect holiday season for her family. Her efforts screech to a halt, though, when […]

When to Remain Silent (Annie Acorn’s Kindle Short Mysteries Book 1)

  When to Remain Silent (Annie Acorn’s Kindle Short Mysteries Book 1) Shots have been fired at Ft. Sumter, and the American Civil War has begun.  Sure, times are hard for the brave souls of the Confederacy, but still, what has Lily done? She, who laughs last, laughs best isn’t too far off the mark, […]

Annie Acorn’s 2013 Christmas Treasury

Annie Acorn’s 2013 Christmas Treasury Annie Acorn’s 2013 Christmas Treasury will bring you all of the scents, sounds and joys of the season. Where do you find angels watching over us, young girls come of age and old women bring joy? In this year’s anthology! Be prepared to laugh, cry and be surprised by this […]

Short Stories

Short Stories Time out for the weary commuter or if you just have a loose hour or so – how better to unwind than with a complete short story or two. Download to your digital reader or i phone then sit back and let yourself be transported in time, place, or space with these short […]

Annie Acorn’s 2014 Christmas Treasury

Annie Acorn‘s 2014 Christmas Treasury  Where can you final all the comfort and joy of Christmas? Where do older women bring joy, young boys come of age and angels watch over us? Where do everyday concerns pale in comparison to the things that matter? Within the thoughtfully crafted stories gathered for your enjoyment in Annie […]

Stretched Stories by P.S.Winn

Stretched Stories by P.S.Winn   A humorous collection of tall tales, fun for kids and adults. Find out Why a Cow says moo or Why a Dog wags its tail in this fun collection. A Fun Read Book By Uncle Amos on February 9, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition A lovely imagination stories for the youngest and the […]

Toby Tells by Toby Nomad

” Toby Tells: The Rise and Downfall of The Hagensville Maphia and More ” is a politically incorrect collection of short stories. The cover title is about what happens when big city crime ideas come to a backwoods town. A bunch people plot to form their own mafia around a bonfire. The local sheriff’s son, […]

Lazy Weekend No2 Short Stories By Amelie Rose

  Lazy Weekend No2   Eight short stories by Amelie Rose  Friday Flowers Stephanie turned the envelope over, in case there was a name on the back, a small twitch jumping beneath her right eye. Her hand shook as she fingered open the flap and pulled out the card, her eyes widening in amazement as […]

Lazy Weekend Collection of Short Stories by Amelie Rose

      Lazy Weekend No 1 1. Child Genius Some came back because of the great cuisine and overall good company but others left, never to be seen again at number 64 Dolly Crescent, after the humiliation of debating with a six year old over the state of the economy – and losing. 2. Blue […]