PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION  The Ultimate Personal Transformation Guide: Personal Transformation: To The Next Level Of Yourself With 30 Simple Ways: For Self Esteem, Personal Development and Self-Help Do you really want to achieve more in life? Do you want to be the best of yourself? Here is the stuff. This Ultimate Personal Transformation Guide will show […]

Massaging The Female Mind by David Hallett LMT (Author)

Massaging The Female Mind What’s really behind the issues regarding self esteem, that seem to plague every woman, everywhere? This topic and many of its facets are discussed in Massaging The Female Mind. The book’s insights were gathered over the last 15 years, in the emotionally healing environment of a massage room. The main principle […]


THE (IN)FIDELITY FACTOR : Points to Ponder Before You Cheat Relationships are a beautiful thing, well, they can be when mates are dedicated to building a solid foundation. Love of course, is a fantastic precursor, but it also takes time, and a good dose of growing pains. Some weather the storms, others not so much. […]

A Transformed Mind by Tracy Wainwright

A Transformed Mind Our thoughts have a big impact on our lives, as will this book. You’ll not only be convinced that you can change your thoughts and the impact that will have on your life, but you’ll be shown how in simple, practical ways. Anyone can put the principles laid out in this #smallbutmighty […]

Small Changes, Big Results by Scotty Studer

Small Changes, Big Results About the Author › Visit Amazon’s Scotty Studer Page Scotty Studer is an IT geek by trade, a father of two amazing teenagers, and married to his best friend and soul mate! For the past 18+ years he has grown in a career as an IT professional. He enjoys working in […]

First Two Chapters of Creating lifestyle

First Two Chapters of Creating lifestyle Copyright © Introduction to Creating lifestyle – the way you want it… I believe most people want things to be better than they are. Some dream of a lifestyle of wealth and all that it can bring; others want a simpler way of life. Many are creative and some […]

DECLUTTER: Destress & Free Yourself Now By Sara Wellington

DECLUTTER:  Destress & Free Yourself Now Ditching clutter enables you to tune in your intuitive vision and connect with future success. In turn, your newly awakened senses arouse your passion. You not only see the future you want, you’re ready to implement the goals and strategies to make it happen. Modern living involves greater working […]

Dating Jungle by Samantha Keller

Dating Jungle – Guide: Learn The Art Complexity Of The Dating World In this book, we are going to touch on quite a number of topics to bring you deeper into how the dating world works, the possible issues you face and how to solve certain problems. No matter how inexperienced or experienced you are, […]

BEING GRATEFUL by Janice Almond

BEING GRATEFUL:How to Open the Door to a More Fulfilled & Abundant Life in 13 Easy Steps. It’s a short but thought-provoking read on how to manifest gratefulness in your life. In her book, Janice recounts experiences in her own life and demonstrates ways to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude.” Take a journey with Janice […]

Author Identity by Angie Mroczka

Author Identity  Build Your Brand. Sell More Books. Change the World This guide was created to help authors tackle the process of zeroing in on their Ideal Readers, as well as directing and growing their brands. Through examples and experience coaching writers to become better marketers, Mroczka shows you how branding sets you apart from […]

Unleash The Power of Your Heart and Mind by Steven Redhead

Unleash The Power of Your Heart and Mind The heart is natures most untapped immense resource that generates more than just intuitive feelings and desires but also the conscious means to bring them into reality. The book looks into historical references to the power of the heart as well as new medical evidence that the […]

Team Building: Simple Team Building Techniques For Your Business

Team Building: Simple Team Building Techniques For Your Business Calling all Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders! Enhance your knowledge Today so that you can build & manage successful teams Tomorrow! Do you want you teams to be effective, motivated and able to get things done? Do you want to be a successful leader? When you download […]

Discovering Creative Thinking by J.C Tolbert

Discovering Creative Thinking: Conquering Your Imagination About the Author › Visit Amazon’s J.C. Tolbert Page J.C. Tolbert is an author, husband, a father of two, and a veteran of the U.S. Army. J. C. Tolbert has always wanted to pursue a career as a writer. In the Army, he was responsible for his unit chemical […]

You are a gift by Edwin Shaw

You are a gift – unleash your innate talents and change your life Talent is a part of our biology as human beings. Everyone has one, and many have two or three or a hundred; but many are totally unaware of their gifts. Life is short to explore your ll talents. Are you one of […]

Pursuing Your Creativity by J.C. Tolbert

Pursuing Your Creativity: Unleashing Your Creative Power Pursuing Your Creativity is about stepping out of your everyday life, and discovering the creative being you were destine to become. This book will show you everything you need to know from discovering who you are, how to unlock the genius within, how to overcome creative blocks−to understanding […]

Satisfied – Envy Free and Enjoying Life by Guy Jones

Satisfied – Envy Free and Enjoying Life Have you ever seen that old friend of yours on Facebook with that new shiny car you have always wanted? Have you ever seen your colleague get that promotion you know you deserved? That’s envy. All of us have experienced it sooner or later in our lives, and […]

LOOKING FOR JIM by April Larkin

LOOKING FOR JIM Have you wanted to meet the man of your dreams? This is a true story of traveling through time to connect with an energy that directs and guides me to Carmel California. A love story intertwined with symbols, messages and real facts. Looking for Jim. The ending is a true twist and […]

Joe Pardo’s 31 Life-Changing Concepts

  Joe Pardo’s 31 Life-Changing Concepts About the author, Joe Pardo wrote 31 Life-Changing Concepts because he strives every day to live by these concepts. How this self-development book is written is important because Joe is a slow reader and does not read many books. A short and intentional book with no fluff was the […]