Holy War by Grant Leishman

Holy War by Grant Leishman In the explosive conclusion of the Second Coming Trilogy, Holy War: The Battle for Souls, brings the forces of good and the forces of Evil together in a final, cataclysmic battle, that can only end in Armageddon. In Holy War, Beelzebub has raised the AntiChrist from among the family of […]

AL CLARK (Book One) by Jonathan G. Meyer

AL CLARK (Book One) He started all over in a strange place, his past a complete mystery. AL CLARK adopts the name fastened to the door of the room that contains the metal box where he woke up. It was as good a name as any, and people needed to call him something. Where he […]

Transgalactic Antics by J.J.Green

Transgalactic Antics Carrie Hatchett, Space Adventurer #3 Watch out! Carrie Hatchett has a plan. Carrie’s impulsive, reckless nature gets her in trouble again, and if she wants to keep her job as a Transgalactic Intercultural Community Crisis Liaison Officer, she has to pass remedial training. Little does she know that her survival and the future […]

Frosted Blood by Larry Pellitteri

Frosted Blood  In the near future where ancient enemies sit on the brink of war, seventeen-year-old Michael Saxon carries a powerful secret inside his DNA that both sides will do anything to acquire. When he was just seven years old, Michael’s parents, scientists at a questionable private military contractor called Enbright, vanished without a trace […]

Frozen Webs by Lynn Lamb

Frozen Webs  The Survivor Diaries- Book IV Who did this to us? If you aren’t ready for the answer, then you don’t want to hear the next part of this story. Please trust me. If you have come across this diary, this transcript of truth, close it now—burn it—or risk a tear in your soul […]

The Beginning at the End of the World. by Lynn Lamb

The Beginning at the End of the World  The Survivor Diaries- Book II For every end, there is a beginning. Growth must happen— so says Darwin, anyway. I’m Laura, and my Villagers and I continue to make our way through the decay of post-apocalyptic Coastal California during the nuclear winter and fallout of the Last […]

MURDER ON MURITAI by Genesis Cotterell

MURDER ON MURITAI  – The Ryxin Trilogy Book One When your planet’s sun is dying, what can you do? Find a new home. That’s what the Ryxins did throughout the galaxy, and 150 of them secretly arrived on Earth in 1905. Once they’d changed into Human form they began to infiltrate Earth’s population. By the […]

Monte Vista Village by Lynn Lamb

Monte Vista Village Monte Vista Village The Survivor Diaries- Book I GROWTH IS HARD, BUT STAGNATION MEANS CERTAIN DEATH! THE APOCALYPSE— WOULD YOU SURVIVE? I’m Laura, and I survived global nuclear war. When I walked out into the devastated landscape, I didn’t find zombies, witches or vampires— what I found was infinitely worse; it was […]

The Man From Taured by Bryan Alaspa

The Man From Taured  A strange man walks up to the customs counter at O’Hare International Airport. He carries a passport, driver’s license, papers, all of it looking legit. There’s just one thing that causes the customs agent to raise the alarm – the passport and license are from a country that does not, and […]

Clataclysmos Book 1 Part 1

Clataclysmos by Michael Lister Book 1 Part 1: This is the Way the World Ends The end. This is the way the world ends. When the end comes it comes with astonishing speed. It has been a slow build to the brink, but once the point of no return has been breached, night falls fast. […]

Organo-Topia by Scott Michael Decker

Organo-Topia  A dystopian society with plunging birthrates relies heavily on clone production to keep itself functioning, all the while oppressing those clones mercilessly. Nanochines are turned loose in a murderous rampage, and Detective Maris Peterson is determined to find out why. The detective digs deep into the steamy world of reproduction, where sperm and ovum […]

Sample chapter of Miranda’s Demons by Ian J. Miller

Miranda’s Demons Copyright ©   Ian J Miller This book is part of my “future history”, and hence the previous trilogies offer some background, but it is not essential, and this is a stand-alone novel for those who want something that is of a little more substance than most. It is an epic with 18 […]

The Healer by Jeffrey G. Roberts

The Healer  is a science fiction novel set in the year 2181. Dr. Reynolds Cully is awarded a Harvard grant to travel to Mars with his family. His assignment is to research the physiology of an ancient race there, now long extinct. All their recorded history lies within the titanic edifice known as The Face […]

Future Winds by Kevin Laymon

Future Winds Set in a science fiction setting with elements of twisted horror, Future Winds is a strange yet wondrous tale of species self-preservation and the all-out moral cost of survival. Forced to leave earth, humanity discovers a planet capable of supporting life and hatches an audacious plan that will warp them across the universe […]

Since the Sirens by EE Isherwood

Since the Sirens:  Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 1 Liam Peters was an avid reader of zombie books. He enjoyed following along with the heroes, but never imagined he would find himself in the same situation. In fact, he thought he was more likely to end up a zombie, than a hero. But everything […]

The Lady is Blue by Aurora Springer

The Lady is Blue  Clever scientist exposes secret of scaly aliens. When a shipload of aliens lands on the remote colony on Eden, Dr. Lucy Stannis befriends the impressive Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak, to learn about the aliens. Sa Kamizan has led the Atrapako on a five-year voyage from their home planet, and he will […]

Where the Hell is Tesla? by Rob Dircks

Where the Hell is Tesla?  SCI-FI ODYSSEY. COMEDY. LOVE STORY. AND OF COURSE… NIKOLA TESLA. I’ll let Chip, the main character tell you more: “I found the journal at work. Well, I don’t know if you’d call it work, but that’s where I found it. It’s the lost journal of Nikola Tesla, one of the […]

Gray Panthers: by David Guenther

Gray Panthers Earth’s Revenge  Gran dad and his war buddies created their own army and fought back the invading aliens. Now they have to swallow their pride and get help. The Gray Panthers enlist the services of Matt Andrews and his team of crack pilots to buy time by flying captured space fighters from a captured […]

Grand Master’s Mate book 3 by Aurora Springer

Grand Master’s Mate book 3 Young empath, Violet, and her cunning Grand Master, Athanor Griffin, unite in a crusade against the villains threatening civilization. Their nemesis, Morrigu, the Red Queen, rampages across the galaxy, while the Council of Grand Masters fears Violet is fulfilling her father’s prophesy of doom. To halt the destruction, Violet and […]

Grand Master’s Pawn by Aurora Springer

Grand Master’s Pawn  The Twelve Grand Masters rule the galaxy in secret. Young empath Violet Hunter achieves her dream of exploring planets as the pawn of the Griffin Grand Master. But, she discovers the mysterious Grand Masters are the chief suspects for the disruptions in the portal web linking galactic civilizations. Violet hunts for the […]

The Zarion-Saving Mankind by J.E. Grace

The Zarion-Saving Mankind  Davis Summerfield is pushed into early retirement, but he is actually enjoying his freedom. Interplay, a government agency, has other ideas.  Davis suspects that they are involved in more than scientific research and space exploration. What secrets lurk inside Interplay’s locked gates? Davis is told that his destiny links to a race […]

Reason for Existence by Richard Botelho

Reason for Existence  Reason for Existence is a science fiction novel with philosophy and thriller elements. The book is a genre bender that inspires thinking. It is also extremely original. As a soft science fiction novel, it is not about high technology but rather thoughts and emotions that consider the possibility of extraterrestrial life and […]

Monte Vista Village, The Survivor Diaries- Book I

Monte Vista Village, The Survivor Diaries- Book I  It’s the End! Or Is It? Are you prepared for life without government, electricity, & stores in a nuclear winter? Read Book 1 *Free and find out! About the Author › Visit Amazon’s Lynn Lamb Page Biography Did you ever wonder how you would survive a global […]

Gigi The Rise of Bel by Maggy Mae

Gigi The Rise of Bel Welcome to the distant future, where the robots are on the verge of a takeover and are determined to alter life on earth forever. They dominate the human population with extremely advanced artillery, an army of machines and a whole new race of hybrids. Explore the journey of one human, […]

Science Fiction

Science Fiction Science Fiction A Face on Cydonia by Ian Miller While by 2100 everybody knew the Face of Cydonia was simply a battered butte, on a live TV program the battered butte morphed into the Viking image and winked. A great joke, but nobody could have done it. As a consequence of this, two […]

When Disconnected, by Christine Jayne Vann

When Disconnected “Tales to tug at the readers’ hearts and broaden their minds” in When Disconnected. This collection of short fantasy and sci-fi stories explores disconnect and the feeling of otherness in a range of interesting scenarios that go “under the surface of normality”. About the Author › Visit Amazon’s Christine Vann Page Christine Jayne […]

The Boy Genius Detective Agency by Robert Grey

The Boy Genius Detective Agency Everyone knows citizens of the Mégapolis are famous for two things. They’re about to get two more. Introducing Phidias Isaac Newman, the Boy Genius. And his partner, Agent Bubble Gum. Together they are the greatest adventure detectives of all time. Or at least, they will be. Someday. Now, just seconds […]

The Cosmic Factor by Norberto C. Pautassi

  The Cosmic Factor   The history of popular human knowledge in time, tends to mimic the logarithmic spiral shape of our galaxy. Humanity is reaching the black hole of evolution where nature pushes humanity to produce super-humans in a more realistic way than the X men or the fantastic four. In fact, TV educational […]

Worldship Praxis by JD Lovil

Worldship Praxis Existence has a billion faces, each one an universe coexisting with our own. In one such universe, disaster has struck the Earth. The near collapse of the Global Political and Financial structures came first. The eruption of a Super Volcano came next, with great damage to the Earth’s environment. In the hardship that […]

Contact Us: A Jake Corby Sci-Fi Thriller by Al Macy

Contact Us: A Jake Corby Sci-Fi Thriller On May 22, 2018, every person on Earth sneezes. Simultaneously. Hours later, an alien spacecraft appears over New York City and broadcasts a dire message of impending doom. The future of the human race will depend on the whims of a solitary extraterrestrial who appears in the form […]

At the End (The Road to Extinction, Book 1) by John Hennessy

At the End (The Road to Extinction, Book 1) In 2048, the human population borders 39 billion after the termination of the birth control industry, and the realities of overcrowding have sunken into the minds of the world . . . until billions mysteriously go missing. In the wake of civilization’s collapse, a trio of […]

The Atomic Sea: Part Four by Jack Conner

The Atomic Sea: Part Four What is the secret of the Atomic Sea? Epic adventure in a strange world by bestselling author Jack Conner. This is the fourth volume of a multi-volume saga of adventure and high stakes in an awe-inspiring world unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Welcome to the world of the Atomic […]

The Perennial Migration by D M Kirtaime

  The Perennial Migration The human race split by the year 3010. Afterwards a newer breed lived within a global dome network. But a virus, spread throughout the network, wrecked the World Adminstration establishment. The planet was dying and another Earthly race stood to benefit – The reptilians! This apocalypse would leave mankind without technology. […]

Ted Saves the World by Bryan Cohen

Ted Saves the World Ted Finley was your typical, wise-cracking teenager…until an otherworldly force gave him abilities beyond his wildest dreams. Sixteen-year-old Erica LaPlante was six-feet-under when a blast of blue light brought her body back to life. When their school comes under attack, Ted and Erica must use everything at their disposal to save […]

Casting Rights by Kal S. Davian

Casting Rights This is the third book in my Nihilian Effect Lore series. Casting Rights is about a young man thrust into the past after a prank gone wrong. The device he possesses is coveted by all and makes him a target wherever he goes. The era he ends up in is a dark age […]

A Face on Cydonia by Ian Miller

A Face on Cydonia While by 2100 everybody knew the Face of Cydonia was simply a battered butte, on a live TV program the battered butte morphed into the Viking image and winked. A great joke, but nobody could have done it. As a consequence of this, two unexplained heat emanations from the butte, and […]

Puppeteer by Ian Miller

Puppeteer by Ian Miller In a future when resource shortages, crime and corruption are crippling world economies, terrorism is becoming strangely sophisticated. When Lt Colonel John Maxwell refuses to cover up his commanding General’s failure, he is put illegally in charge of an antiterrorist operation that is clearly designed to kill or discredit him. After […]

Troubles by Ian Miller

Troubles by Ian Miller By the mid 21st century the world economies had collapsed; the few wealthy live in gated communities where law is based on user pays, while the masses exist on residue-ridden food handouts in the remains of cities, where law is based on the gun. In one part of a decayed city, […]

Jonathon Munros by Ian J Miller

  Jonathon Munros (First Contact Book 3) Dreams of revenge are sweet, but the consequences are not, and there was plenty of revenge going around. Jonathon Munro rather pointlessly wanted revenge on his wife, while others wanted revenge on him. Prolonged revenge required a substitute, in this case an android programmed to be just like […]


Paranormal-Supernatural-Mythological-Science-Fiction Paranormal-Supernatural-Mythological-Science-Fiction genre,You may believe there is more to this life than first meets the eye but who knows what the truth really is. Perhaps that is why this is such a popular subject. Of course, these mythological scenes and ideas sound impossible today but look back into history and see how far man has […]

Tunnels by P.S.Winn

    TUNNELS by P.S.Winn – Nikki is called home to help a dying father, only to find out whatever is killing him didn’t come from this world. Instead she must travel through the wormhole like tunnels her father invented to other worlds and alternate realities in a race against time for the cure. Nikki […]

GERMINATION by G. L. Sheridan

GERMINATION by G.L. Sheridan No-one can escape a hangman. It’s a persistent and indestructible android assassin that tracks an individual’s DNA – and it’s after Clove. He’s forced to seek refuge on his mother’s ship.  After shaking off the hangman by taking a crazy spiraling route through space, they end up in a wild and woolly […]

Mindclone by David T. Wolf

    Mindclone by David T. Wolf What if everything in your head was uploaded to a Mindclone? Would you and your Mindclone get along? What if your Mindclone had feelings for the girl you just met? Can a brain without a body ever be truly happy? It finally decides to use its growing mastery […]