The Perennial Migration by D. M. Kirtaime

The Perennial Migration After five minutes Larsst said “Ssorry, nothing negative sshowed when we tessted. Iss ssomething wrong with the chipss we ssupply?” Careful not to insult his guest over the product his company supplied, Kern explained “No, no, the chips are fine. It is just that we received a report that hospital patients complained […]

Valkyrie on Planet Fury by Lynne Murray

Valkyrie on Planet Fury  A Novel With Gravitas (Gravitas Series – Sybil of Valkyrie Book 2) A forbidden love. An impossible mission. A planet where death lurks at every turn. Sybil of Planet Valkyrie can’t go home until she confronts the rulers of Planet Fury, where assassination is a popular pastime. The Furies demand that […]

Ranh By Ian Miller

Ranh  Ranh, a planet seeded with Cretaceous life from Earth that has evolved a technologically advanced race of raptors, many of who feel the proper place for a mammal is the larder. Governed by a theocracy, there are always some who wish to remove humans from the Planet of Creation (Earth). While a treaty with […]

Curse by Dale Furse

Curse Nell is looking forward to leaving the isolation of her beach and attending University in the city. But when her father reveals that she is a product of two warring alien species, Nell’s life somersaults as ever-increasing evidence proves her family wrong. She is something else. She must now decide if knowing the truth […]

Born To Magic, Tales Of Nevaeh, Book I by David Wind

  Born To Magic Tales Of Nevaeh, Book I Welcome To Your Future: After the violence and radiation of terrorist wars killed America in the 22nd century, the descendants of the survivors now dwell in a world of ritual and magic, where ten dominions struggle for supremacy and a dark, formidable power has emerged. Areenna, […]

Back To The Viper by Antara Man

Back to the Viper If you could redo the worst mistake of your life, would you? At what cost? For the past ten years, the weight of botching the biggest performance of their career has plagued The Jackal, a band of misfits. With nothing to show for their musical career, lead vocalist Ashley, a single […]

Assassins of Light: Book One, Earth Cleansing

Assassins of Light: Book One, Earth Cleansing by Soriah Assassins of Light. Thousands of years ago a large space ship crash landed on earth. They came from a higher dimension and encountered primitive humans on a lower dimensional planet, Earth. Called Cerans, they were rogues fleeing from imprisonment on their planet. They looked like humans, […]

Harvest Moon: Lunar Tides by Rudy Alleyne

Harvest Moon: Lunar Tides by Rudy Alleyne  Wecome to Harvest Moon Lunar tides.It is at this point where he finds out from this mysterious young lady, whom refers to herself as Avalon, that Jenna was whisked away by a stranger without protest or any signs of a struggle.  Devastated that his girlfriend left him behind for […]

Beyond Dark Waters by Des Birch

Beyond Dark Waters by Des Birch. For any child it would be the adventure of a lifetime.  Imagine being able to live for a time as another species; to see what they see; learn why they act the way they do.  For Ben there were five different species to enter and many quests along the […]

Aethernaut Chronicles: Prometheus Unchained.

    Aethernaut Chronicles: Prometheus Unchained by JB Murphy What it is about- The book is set in an alternate version of Earth during the late 1860’s. Ulysses Williams(one of the main characters), son of a Georgia privateer, has been born as an engineering prodigy with astounding intellect. In his youth he is taken to […]