Errant Spark (Elemental Trials, Book 1) by Ronelle Antoinette

Errant Spark (Elemental Trials, Book 1) Battlemage Jex Xander has a mouth that gets him into trouble; while in contrast, Enari Namelum speaks not at all. Amidst the mounting chaos, passion and romance should be the last thing on their minds, but life and the Goddess seem to have other ideas. Passion, danger, and magic […]

R’etahl and Jurielle by Rebecca Reynolds

R’etahl and Jurielle Book 1 Guardian Appointed Turning 14 means a lot of things for Jurielle Colteron. More freedom, the beginning of dating, a step closer to being an adult , but most importantly, the appointment of an alien guardian. But the excitement of these changes is overshadowed by an unknown threat, dating rivalry, and […]

Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas

Illusional Reality¬† Hi I’m Karina Kantas I live in Corfu Greece. I am a freelancer writer, an author of eight books. I’m a VA, narrator, and book trailer and promotional designer and when/if I ever have time, I like to sing. Illusional Reality is a New-adult magical romantic fantasy. Now even though it is a […]