On Lucky Shores by Kerry J. Donovan

On Lucky Shores Witness to a car crash and in receipt of a cryptic message from a dying man, traveling musician, Chet Walker, reaches the picturesque lakeside town of Lucky Shores. He faces hostility and suspicion from the locals and learns that the information he carries could unlock an eight-year-old mystery—it could also get him […]

Blog Post of French Affair by Amelie Rose

Amelie Rose author  A French Affair In 2012 I spent six months in the UK and Europe. It was in Paris, standing before the Mona Lisa, that the idea for A French Affair came to me. I had recently read an article about Hitler’s determinedly blatant theft of thousands of works of fine art from private […]

Morning’s Journey by Kim Iverson Headlee

Morning’s Journey Two remarkable leaders, the Caledonian warrior-queen Gyanhumara and her consort, Arthur the Pendragon, must forge unity between their disparate peoples to create an impenetrable front to protect Brydein and Caledonia from the land-lusting Saxons and Angli raiders. But when Urien becomes chieftain of his clan, his increase in wealth and power is matched […]

A Magic Cup of Christmas Tea

A Magic Cup of Christmas Tea by Charlotte Kent Christmas is fast approaching in Captain’s Point, and Liam O’Brien, Chester’s crab shack’ head cook, finds it hard to get into the spirit, as memories of the girl who was spirited away from him in the dead of night twelve years before fill his thoughts. But […]

Julie & Kishore by Carol Jackson

  Julie & Kishore Carol Jackson Having spent a happy childhood being born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand in the ‘80’s as a young adult I became restless. I am a self-confessed red-headed, freckled faced, plain Jane so it was a big step for me to make the decision to quit my dream-job where […]

Introducing Charlotte by Charlotte Hains

  Introducing Charlotte When Charlotte bumps into her old friend Anthony she is at her lowest… Shocked by the revelation of her escape from a controlling and abusive relationship, Anthony enlists the help of Nats and Lloyd to help Charlotte find the confidence she once had. Charlotte is unaware, however, of the darker side of […]

Taking Chances by Christina Paul

  Taking Chances A secret list Samantha’s father kept, has put the lives of hundreds in peril, and cost her father his life. Now Samantha Prichard, a feisty Irish beauty with a unique but sometimes frightening gift, and Christian Bradford, a courageous and deadly operative for the Crown, must decode the cryptic clues, while keeping […]

Rose of Steel by Sandra Kerns

Rose of Steele (Colorado Skies Book 2) Garrett Steele has worked hard to leave his past behind. As he enters the Wild Rose bar in Colorado, it sucker punches him when his gaze locks onto Carly Rose. If he had known his friend’s sister owned the bar, he would have picked somewhere else to meet […]

Syl’s Story: Unfinished Business by L.F. Gillis

      Syl’s Story: Unfinished Business by L.F. Gillis Sylvia “Syl” Felix: World-class boxer and partier extraordinaire. But who is she, really? She’s about to find out.   After suffering a humiliating and life-threatening defeat during her farewell fight, she goes back to her deceased grandfather’s farm to recover.   Fate intervenes, and Syl runs into […]

The Art of Love by A.B. Michaels

    364 pages The Art of Love by A.B.Michaels which has garnered dozens of four and five-star reviews on Amazon, tells the engrossing story of Klondike King August Wolff and talented young artist Amelia Starling as they meet and fall in love in San Francisco at the dawn of the 20th century. Both Gus […]

A Clue for Adrianna by Charlotte Kent

A Clue for Adrianna  A Clue for Adrianna is the first novel in the Captain’s Point romantic women’s fiction/family saga series, written collaboratively by internationally known From Women’s Pens authors Annie Acorn and Juliette Hill.  Known primarily for their romances and cozy mysteries, the two authors have placed the series in Captain’s Point, a fictional […]

Unrequited,One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka

Here’s the scoop! Unrequited – One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka is on sale for 99 cents for the next 5 days. amzn.to/1sQp89m   If you’ve Ever Fallen in Love or Sat on Fallen Off of a Barstool, Unrequited will Captivate You.     Unrequited —One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka. By Christy Heron Christy Heron’s Unrequited isn’t your everyday humdrum “He broke […]

Tinted Lenses by Jackie Williams

Tinted Lenses by Jackie Williams   A failed airline is not on Jack Conner’s agenda when he is on his way to the most prestigious shoot and biggest payout of his life time. Neither is a teenage flirt, a drugs running pilot, an elderly couple or a beautiful but aloof woman.    Caroline Parsons hadn’t […]

My Heart In Seoul by Sydney Arrison

My Heart In Seoul by Sydney Arrison “The author shows us that love has no boundaries, and barriers should never prevent anyone from going after their true soul mate. The story, without doubt, lives up to its title. Jasmine Sinclair, is a strong-willed journalist who is engaged to a Hollywood actor. Her fiancé indiscretions create […]

The Jewel of Zapharella by Tommy Tait

  A young adventurer (Flynn Talbot) and his best friend Andre struggles to find Flynn’s missing father with the help of an elderly eccentric inventor (Seth O’ Donovan) and his kooky apprentice Rufus DeFrayne while battling an ongoing pirate threat and an evil witch whose evil curse threatens the security of the seven seas Click […]

The Angel Who Fell to Earth by Barbara Villemez

Saraquel is literally a fallen angel, who lands on earth with a bump, and with a quest to stop a valuable ancient book from falling into the wrong hands. This beautiful and intelligent creature on earth only speaks ancient Aramaic, and wanders around, a lost angel, anxious to undertake her mission. The only human she […]

All Books by Amelie Rose (including her best seller)

Love’s ReturnLove’s Return Love’s Return by Amelie Rose Josh Ryan is back from Hong Kong and Brie Silver has her hands full fighting off the match-making attempts of the two closest but most frustrating women in her life, her grandmother, Jessie and her best friend, Kate. A French AffairA French Affair Henri’s Cellar by Amelie […]

Love’s Return by Amelie Rose

Love’s Return Josh Ryan is back from Hong Kong and Brie Silver has her hands full fighting off the match-making attempts of the two closest but most frustrating women in her life, her grandmother, Jessie and her best friend, Kate in love’s return. Josh is closing in on her, with help from the matchmaking committee […]

The Loss of Innocence by Cindy Bolton

This is not your typical Amish story. A young Amish girl is kidnapped from her home and finds herself in a Chicago hospital with no memory of who she is or where she comes from. The only thing she remembers is her love of Jesus. During her stay at the hospital her memory begins to […]

The Duchess’ Diary by Amelie Rose

      The Duchess’ Diary When she moved into the ancient rambling homestead on  the Gowerhey Stud farm, Melissa Holt thought she’d finally found heaven. After a year of misery the escape to green fields and peaceful seclusion seemed like a dream come true. And everyone was so nice. Just one thing was making […]

Mirror Girls by Amelie Rose

Mirror Girls Indi Falcone, owner of the popular book store, Romantic Hours, is writing her own romance. But there is a problem. She is having trouble creating a believable hero. She sees Max Avery as vividly masculine and heroic but on paper he is anything but. So she has joined her friend, Diana, on a […]

A French Affair- by Amelie Rose

 A  Kindle Unlimited Book A French Affair  France 1943 A train load of stolen art heading for Berlin is hijacked and two brothers escape with a carriage-load of contents. For those who knew, the episode was written into history as a tragic loss of life and a cache of priceless art, destroyed. Or was it? France […]