A Biker Saga by Pamela Murdaugh-Smith

A Biker Saga Stax and Strangler, aided by three Irish/ Scottish veterans aka; ‘The Gaelic Trio’, work to solve the mystery of who is attacking the biker community and why. In possession of the one resource that could save them all, the GGS must reach into the past and follow the footsteps of their ancestors. […]

Lovers Lies and Lilies by Ronald D.Walker

  Lovers Lies and Lilies With the passing of her abusive husband Sarah Barnes finds freedom and love with a wealthy businessman and a sexual enlightenment awakens. Medical advice affords her knowledge and ability to help a friend gain freedom from abuse and threat of contracted murder. Sarah’s relationship with Jon Bartleaux ends with his […]

Vegas Series by Mimi Barbour

Vegas Series by Mimi Barbour The Vegas series is a collection of six books based on female cops and their stories. In the first few books, we have Aurora who has a hard outer shell to hide her tender soul. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone, she makes those around her toe the line […]

Once Upon Another Time by Rosary McQuestion

312 pages   REVIEW Love, humor, romance and the paranormal! Aubrey McCory is a successful lawyer, best in her field; she has the most perfect six-year-old son and lives in a charming 1930s English Tudor on Fogland Beach. From the outside, her life looks perfect. But it’s been almost seven years and she’s still trying […]

The Track by Stan Grimes

  The Track By Stan Grimes Garth Domino came from the wrong side of the tracks in the town of Lordes Crossing. He grew up with the stigma of being a poor white trash boy who deserved only what others like him got, but he possessed a talent not many could claim. He played  guitar […]

The Crimson Key by Wes Dodd

The CrimsonKey Mystery/Romance ​David Paige, a young detective from Charleston, S.C., is about to embark on an investigation of a lifetime. After an unexpected tragedy shatters his perfect world, he discovers that his mother had been keeping a life-long secret from him, revealing that he is not who he believed he was. With no family […]