William Bradshaw, King of the Goblins by Arthur Daigle

William Bradshaw, King of the Goblins Desperate for work, Will Bradshaw makes the mistake of accepting a management job with the law firm of Cickam, Wender and Downe.  Too late he learns that his job is to ‘manage’ the goblins on the world of Other Place as their king.  His followers are self described morons, […]


Miranda Bay When Miranda inherits from her grandmother’s estate, she bids on an auction property in Miranda Bay, in the sunny Bay of Islands, New Zealand, sight unseen, simply because it bears her name. But it is not at all what she imagined it would be. Now Miranda is faced with turning this run down […]

Chalice – Siam Storm 2 – A Cambodian Adventure by Robert A. Webster

Chalice – Siam Storm 2 – A Cambodian Adventure Staring down at the culmination of his life’s work, Professor Norman Rumble is horrified and unable to comprehend what has happened… How could he have known? This time, Stu and Spock team up with Pon to recover the once-again stolen the holy relic, which has disappeared […]

JACK Just an Ordinary Dog in the Dog House by Susan Tarr

JACK Just an Ordinary Dog in the Dog House Jack’s story is a true story. Well, it’s taken straight from his diary, which he maintained for 4 months during his stay at DOGGIES & MOGGIES Boarding Kennels and Cattery in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. He resented being left at boarding kennels whilst his […]

Siam Storm : A Thailand Adventure by Robert A. Webster

Siam Storm : A Thailand Adventure When a golden box containing the dental remains of the Buddha is stolen and its guardian monks murdered, Pon, the surviving warrior monk, is sent on a quest to retrieve the holy item. The search takes Pon from his isolated Thai monastery in the Cardamom jungle to Cambodia. After […]

Pianist in a Bordello by Mike C. Erickson

Pianist in a Bordello This autobiographical romp through four decades in the life of Richard Milhous Nixon Youngblood is intimately tied to the circumstances of his birth.  Silently seething over of the absence of the protagonist’s father from their commune in Northern California, his mother spitefully celebrates Election Day, 1968, as well as giving birth, […]

Spinwissel’s Orchard by G.L.Sheridan

Spinwissel’s Orchard Hi. My name’s Lester Spinwissel and I’m the biggest chump that ever walked this Earth. Why? Well, for a start, I work in a biscuit factory. Hate it, but was saving up to put a deposit down on my own business – a little vegetarian café. Not much, but it’d be better than […]

The Yellow Bus Boys by Ron Shaw

The Yellow Bus Boys by Ron Shaw Ron Shaw is retired and living in Georgia with his wife of forty-one marvelous years and a very talented adult daughter. He graduated with a BA degree in English Literature from GSU in Atlanta. He has been writing books since a NDE in October, 2013. Come with Ron […]


They say Humor is The Best Medicine I read a true story of a man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only three months to live. Being a believer and thinking only positive thoughts, he decided that if he had only three months to live he would surround himself only with people who […]

Stairlift to Heaven by Terry Ravenscroft

Stairlift to Heaven 115 Five Star Amazon Reader’s Reviews. Although Stairlift to Heaven is written by an old age pensioner, non-coffin dodgers should not be put off by this. Everyone will be old someday, if they’re lucky, and there are valuable lessons in coping with old age to be learned here. Read about the author’s […]

Ugly Tuckling by G.L. Sheridan

279 pages Ugly Tuckling by G. L. Sherdan Review You can lose yourself in food – cooking it and eating it. It almost makes up for a non-existent love life. Almost, but not quite.See, the thing is, people assume that when you’re fat, it’s because you eat too much. So just stop eating. Simple enough, […]

I’m in Heaven by Terry Ravenscroft

    I’m in Heaven by Terry Ravenscroft I’m in Heaven is about a man who doesn’t believe in God who dies and goes to heaven. However the heaven depicted in I’m in Heaven is far from being most people’s vision of heaven – all sweetness and light and lazing about on a white cloud […]

Dear Air 2000 by Terry Ravenscroft

Dear Air 2000: A customer relations nightmare  by Terry Ravenscroft     Hilarious correspondence to and from airline companies. If you are travelling soon, especially by air, this book is an absolute must read on your journey. In fact you won’t be able to put it down and may well forget to exit the plane. […]

James Blond – Stockport is too Much

James Blond – Stockport is too Much by Terry Ravenscroft 007 James Bond, to all intents and purposes,but as you have never known him. Well for one thing James Bond doesn’t have prostate gland trouble. And for another he doesn’t seem to have much trouble finding the next Bond Girl. James Blond has both problems, […]

Captain’s Day by Terry Ravenscroft

  Captain’s Day: A tale of Birdies, Bad Language & Bed by Terry Ravenscroft Captain’s Day is based upon a single day – the Captain’s Day at the golf course –  and has a cast of characters that many people will be familair with, even non-golfers. There is a multi-layered build up to a truly […]

It’s Not Cricket by Terry Ravenscroft

It’s Not Cricket by Terry Ravenscroft It’s Not Cricket by Terry Ravenscroft, village cricket but in no way typical of that sedate and very British pastime. Even if you don’t like cricket you cannot fail to be amused by this book as the characters will be familiar from everyone’s own lives. The complex interaction between […]

Inflatable Hugh by Terry Ravenscroft

    Inflatable Hugh by Terry Ravenscroft “Apparently your brother maintained the belief that having sex with an inflatable rubber woman was almost as beneficial in creating a feeling of well-being as the real thing. This being the case he viewed his operation more like a public service than a moneymaking operation. Which isn’t to […]

Zephyr Zodiac: The life and death of an iconic car.

Zephyr Zodiac by Terry Ravenscroft     Ostensibly seven short stories about an iconic car. In fact it is a short social history of the last fifty years. The tales are populated with persons such as bullying poice chiefs, hapless undertakers trying to be gangsters and a lost retired guy whose work was the purpose […]

Nefertiti’s Prodigy by Kerrie Mcleod

205 pages Nefertiti’s Prodigy by Kerrie Mcleod When one door closes another opens, so the saying goes. When one door closes another slams in your face, so the joke goes. For Sheryl, however, “that door” was always for someone else. Until she met Nefertiti. A bitter sweet comedy… Sheryl has fallen on hard times; where once […]

Stairlift to Heaven – Further up the Stairlift:

Stairlift to Heaven – Further up the Stairlift: Author Terry Ravenscroft Terry Ravenscroft informs us that the day before his sixty-fifth birthday he decided to keep a journal chronicling the first five years of his life as an old age pensioner. And incidentally, he doesn’t like to use the term ‘Senior Citizen’ explaining that people […]

Dear Coca-Cola: A Customer Relations Nightmare

Dear Coca-Cola: A Customer Relations Nightmare The premise of the book is that customer services departments always try to help, no matter how absurd the request. And boy how they co-operate with this premise. The writer plays them along like a fish on the end of a fishing line, to great and comic effect. No […]

411 by Ellyn Ramich

411 by Ellyn Ramich Ellyn chose to laugh her way through more than eight years of one of the most high stress jobs anyone can imagine. Then, with her job being shipped overseas, and the final insult of being laid off, Ellyn chose to laugh in the face of adversity yet again. This book is […]

Crazy Things My Daughter Says by Stephanie Chapman

  Crazy Things My Daughter Says Description: Have you ever had the opportunity to sit around and listen to a group of teenagers talk? Better yet, have you ever really sat down with your teenager and had a conversation with them where you couldn’t help but literally “laugh out loud” because of something they said? […]