Moving In by Ron Ripley 

  Moving In by Ron Ripley (Moving In Series Book 1) ““Iron…and…salt,” whispers the old man. The dead old man. “Hurry or it will be too late…” To escape the stress of living in the city and the anxiety of his high pressure job, Brian Roy moves his family to the country. His wife loves […]

The Shadow Warrior by Will Endres

The Warder Chronicles: Book One: The Shadow Warrior The rider spurred his roan horse at great speed through the misty, chilly darkness. It was early morning outside the fields of a Tanga-eel village, which was about fifteen miles northeast of the city of Estaran. A six-year-old girl wailed in his thick, tattooed arms. He placed […]

A Pumpkins Halloween by Mark Kasniak

A Pumpkins Halloween  A Pumpkins’ Halloween is a wonderful tale that embodies all the right attributes that sum up the spirit of the holiday of Halloween. Ghosts, zombies, vampires, maniacs, witches, and talking jack-o-lanterns all take turns playing different roles in this multi-storied novella. A Pumpkin’s Halloween brings to you everything you remember that was […]

Autumn Harvest by Mark Kasniak

Autumn Harvest  A Celebration of Halloween and the Macabre… brings together all the fun things that may have scared you as a kid about Halloween while taking those stories a step further by adding a new dimension that will horrify and sicken you as an adult. In this creepy and dark humored anthology consisting of […]

Twisted by Uvi Poznansky

Twisted Enter an unfamiliar, surrealistic place, a hyper-reality, as seen through the eyes of four characters. One of them finds herself cast into a cave in hell, and she can’t remember her name. To recover her identity she sets out on a journey, accompanied by Satan. About the Author › Visit Amazon’s Uvi Poznansky Page […]

Deadly Love (Chinatown Haunting Book 1)

Deadly Love by   Wesley Robert Lowe Jasmine Huang was an up and coming Chinese theater actress. And she was in love. Little did she knew that the man she was supposed to be with forever would murder her. How could he do that, when she was already pregnant? Suddenly, all her hopes and dreams […]

Scorn Kills by Suzi Albracht

  SCORN KILLS Scorn Kills is a disturbing and poignant look at unfaithfulness. William Branch brags that he has been dubbed as The King of True Crime. A successful writer, he authored 15 wildly popular books, one of which was made into a hit movie. Now Bill’s nothing special to look at. He’s plain and […]

The Devil’s Lieutenant by Suzi Albracht

  The Devil’s Lieutenant The Devil’s Lieutenant is a fresh look at the war between good and evil. In this case, Homicide Detective Jake Holyfield represents good. And the Devil is the all consuming evil force that threatens everyone. Jake gets a call from an informant, Mikael Ruskoff, tries to tell Jake that the killer […]

Spettra: The Kingdom Of Torren

  Spettra: The World Of Torren by Adam Gainer   Spettra: The World Of Torren is the second book of what is sure to be a breathtaking series. It continues six months after the end of Spettra, beginning at the funeral for Chad Reamer.His brother, Jason, is having a tough time dealing with the loss, […]

The Brittle Birds by Anthony Cowin

    The Brittle Birds by Anthony Cowin  When he was young, Mathieu fell into the river and was attacked by the hungry Hohokw bird who lived under the bridge. Since then, he is haunted by the Brittle Birds who are eating away at the world, only no one else can see them. About the […]

Flee by Caroline Gebbie

Flee by Caroline Gebbie When everyone gains from killing you who can you trust?In this extreme horror Jenny must flee for her life to prevent the Numen from sacrificing her to gain immortality. About the author Caroline Gebbie lives in South Yorkshire, England with 2 dogs, a number of fish and a husband.She has always […]

Horror Books

Horror-Thriller-Vanpires Horror for those who like to sit on the edge of their chair, here is some that will do just that. When-Darkness-Falls $3.99 More books

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill New York best seller NOS4A2 by Joe Hill a suspense supernatural, Victoria has a way of finding things that other’s can’t. Click HERE to see more reviews and more description. Over 1600 reviews with over 100o 5 star 709 pages of horror. NOS4A2 by Joe Hill said to be one of […]