The Food Revolution compiled by Mike C Smith

The Food Revolution In 2012, Jamie Oliver founded The Food Revolution Voluntary Ambassador Program. The aim of the program is to build an awareness of living a healthy lifestyle through the foods we eat. It’s an ongoing campaign to show our young people worldwide of the dangers  of excessive sugar and sugar-related products in the foods […]

The 1-Hour Goddess by Anne Clara Laugesen

The 1-Hour Goddess  Think you’ll look bulky by working out? Wrong. There’s no need to worry – it’ll take light-years before your inner Arnold will come out. The science around building muscle today belongs to men. Most women believe they need to sweat on a treadmill four hours a week. They also believe that they’ll […]

Flexible Dieting Handbook by James H. Mayfield

Flexible Dieting Handbook: How To Lose Weight by Eating What You Want This book is a step-by-step guidebook for learning all about Flexible Dieting. An approach to nutrition that makes it possible to eat whatever you desire, in moderation, and still achieve your fitness goals. About the Author › Visit Amazon’s James H. Mayfield Page […]

All About Food

All About Food All About Food Cooking should be fun, an activity to enjoy, problem is many of the meals we eat take time and effort in All About Food we hope you find a selection of books with recipe that are tasty, healthy and fun to make .   Television, magazines, and newspaper articles are […]

Ketogenic Diet by Sarah Carswell

Ketogenic Diet A Simple Guide To Losing Weight Fast, Permanently And Feeling Spectacular Using The Ketogenic Diet Health And Fitness, Weight Loss Diets, Ketogenic Diet If you’re looking for a way to lose weight effectively, fast and permanently; this book is for you! The Ketogenic Diet is an effective diet that’s been proven to help […]

A Tired Older Woman: Loses Weight and Keeps it Off!

 Tired Older Woman: Loses Weight and Keeps it Off! If you’ve ever lost weight only to gain it all back, if you’ve ever yo-yoed up and down on the scales, if you’ve ever dealt with the dreaded plateaus, then you are among friends. Anyone can lose a few pounds.  Most of us already have.  I, […]

Stress Remedy Relief by Mike Smith

  Stress  effect on  lifestyle   Review of Stress Remedy Relief The author experience came from over 25 years in business, communicating with staff and customers alike. in his book Stress Remedy Relief-a better place to be, he makes it clear that those years were not always a bed of roses. In the early years […]