Trusting the Currents by Lynnda Pollio

Trusting the Currents Trusting the Currents is a multi-award winning visionary novel that guides readers into their own truth and transformation. Never expecting to be a writer, Author Lynnda Pollio’s life abruptly changes when she unexpectedly hears the mystical voice of Addie Mae Aubrey, a Southern, African American woman. Her first words, “It’s not what […]

Rise of the AntiChrist (The Second Coming Series: Book 2): by Grant Leishman

Rise of the AntiChrist (The Second Coming Series: Book 2): Rise of the Antichrist is the continuation of the journey of the Castillo family, led by JC and Maria, as they forge ahead in their mission of “Saving Humanity from the Brink”.   In the sequel to the award-winning, The Second Coming, JC, Maria and […]

Dreams in Transit by Irene P. Smith

Dreams in Transit Why Dreams in Transit? I spend over four hours, five days a week, riding on the train from work to home and back again. Many of the stories in this collection were written during that commute. Those that weren’t written on the train were edited there as I put this collection together. […]

Discovering the Legend of the Amazon (Where’s Eli Moore? #1) by Anna Hagele

Discovering the Legend of the Amazon (Where’s Eli Moore? #1) In this first book of the series, Eli travels through the Amazon with his dad and his dog, Kara, sketching in his field journal along the way.  Throughout the book, kids will be able to peek over Eli’s shoulder and learn about rare animals of […]

Early Film Noir by William Hare

Early Film Noir  Greed, Lust and Murder Hollywood Style “An early history of the film noir genre with special emphasis on the legendary film ¨The Maltese Falcon¨ and its impact on the careers of Humphrey Bogart and the film’s director, John Huston. The book features leading men and women who popularized the genre in its […]

Expiry Date—not the end by ANITA S J

Expiry Date—not the end Anant—the protagonist, while contemplating on his unsuccessful life, finds a new-born baby-girl abandoned in a garbage bin. The event changes first his perspective on life, then his life itself. He matures to take the brunt of destiny bravely when he knows why fate has punished him with unhappiness. He finds out […]

Backwards Into the Future by Bronwyn Elsmore

Backwards Into the Future  Everyone knows you can’t go back. Everyone except Mary, because she’s returned to her old hometown. That’s because of two women from her past – Kui, and Ana. One of them is pushing her, the other is holding back, and between the two there’s much to be resolved. The plum tree […]

Siam Storm – The Series by Robert A. Webster

Siam Storm – The Series: Box Set These four hilarious adventures follow the thrilling, but calamitous adventures of three lovable English rogues on holiday and a mad Thai monk. Siam Storm-A Thailand Adventure When a small golden box containing dental remains of the Buddha is stolen and its guardian monks murdered; it is the surviving […]

The Last Ticket by Christopher Sharp

The Last Ticket  If you don’t like the truth, don’t read it. All he wanted to do is put bread on the table, but the people he worked for were eating caviar at his expense. They traveled over two thousand miles to find a new beginning and remake their lives together out from under the […]

The Masters Men Collection by Sandra Kerns

The Masters Men Collection  Get to know some Master hunks! The first 3 Masters Menwant to meet you so, they’re making you a sweet deal. 3 books & bonus novella for less than the cost of 1 book!  Nothing makes a man want a woman more than her saying she doesn’t want forever.  The Masters […]

OinK! Only in Korea! by David Osterhout

OinK! Only in Korea! Korean DMZ, a story based on true events This is a story about a young US Army intelligence officer who was stationed on the Korean DMZ in 1980. He volunteered for the assignment looking for some adventure during a period of peace in America. Up on the “Z”, there weren’t any […]

The Homecoming by Dougie McHale

  The Homecoming : Louis Satriani has the perfect life in Edinburgh or so he thought, it only took a second to discover it was a lie.  Forced to readjust to the shifting events that have rocked his world he confronts the secret and deception that will change his life for ever. A moment of […]

The Potato Duck by Laura Blanksma

The Potato Duck The Potato Duck.How hard can it be to take care of a potato for one month? Mernacky, a nick-name, has to prove she is responsible enough to get a pet. She strikes up a deal with her mom to take care of a potato for one month. She finds out that it […]

Apart From Love by Uvi Poznansky

Apart From Love by Uvi Poznansky When Ben is summoned to his childhood home he discovers a family secret that so far has escaped his attention. Having believed that his mother has been on a piano performance tour, he now discovers the truth: inflicted by early-Alzheimer’s disease, she now lives in a home. Meanwhile he […]

FirstBorn author Laura Sheridan

FirstBorn author Laura Sheridan The story of the first child born from a man   Spencer Tully. Cute kid. Caring parents. Good family. Would you want to kill him? Why would anyone imagine such a thing? It’s because he’s the first virumnate. What’s a virumnate, you may ask? The word is from Latin, a combination […]

Cropsy by David Lee Veroux

Cropsy During Billy Powell’s summer camp experiences he discovers a world of unimagined adventures, friendships, romance, and a horrifying secret. In this dual novel, as a past war between campers and a poor farmer escalates to tragic proportions, Billy battles his own demons in the form of raging hormones, cruel peers and counselors, and a […]

Survivor: On and off the Streets.

Survivor: On and off the Streets. Fifteen year old Jacorby Jones tries to survive an abusive mother, school bullies, and teachers who have no idea what he goes through. Every evening his mother kicks him and his younger brother out of their apartment so she can entertain her clients. Tyree is popular and has no […]

Turnstiles by Andrea McKenzie Raine

Turnstiles Martin Sourdough is a homeless person who has chosen to turn his back on the corporate, material world; Willis Hancocks Jr. is a barrister, an alcoholic philanderer, and a misogynist; and Evelyn (aka Yvonne) is a prostitute. Turnstiles speaks to these social problems through the smaller scope of each character’s individual trials. There is […]

Every Five Minutes by Bronwyn Elsmore

Every Five Minutes “We are proud to announce that EVERY FIVE MINUTES by Bronwyn Elsmore is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!” Gina, if that is her real name, wakes to an autumn morning and, against her better judgement, selects a light dress […]

Red Clover by Florence Osmund

Red Clover Imagine feeling like an outsider. Now imagine feeling like an outsider in your own family. The troubled son of a callous father and socialite mother determines his own meaning of success after learning shocking family secrets that cause him to rethink who he is and where heʼs going. In Lee Winekoop’s reinvention of […]

Blue Mercy by Orna Ross

Blue Mercy A family murder mystery full of emotional twists and surprises Will you side with mother or daughter? When Mercy Mulcahy was 40 years old, she was accused of killing her elderly and tyrannical father. Now, at the end of her life, she has written a book about what really happened on that fateful […]

Writing the Town Read by Katharine E. Smith

Writing the Town Read On July 7th 2005, London is high on the success of winning the 2012 Olympics bid. The celebrations come to an abrupt end when terrorists attack the city’s transport network, striking Underground trains and a bus during the morning rush hour. At the other side of the country, in comparatively peaceful, […]

Daughters by Florence Osmund

Daughters by Florence Osmund Twenty-four-year-old Marie Marchetti has just experienced a life-altering revelation—the identity of her real father. As she packs for her first visit with him and his family, she wonders how her life is about to change, how they will receive her, and what she will learn about her own identity. A lot […]

Red Clover by Florence Osmund

Red Clover The troubled son of a callous father and socialite mother determines his own meaning of success after learning shocking family secrets that cause him to rethink who he is and where heʼs going. In Lee Winekoop’s reinvention of himself he discovers that lifeʾs bitter circumstances can actually give rise to meaningful consequences. About […]

Regarding Anna by Florence Osmund

Regarding Anna After recovering from the shock of her parents perishing in a tragic accident, Grace Lindroth discovers clues in their attic that cause her to believe the people she called Mom and Dad her whole life may not have been her real parents. In her search for the truth, Grace encounters people whose actions […]

I’ll Never Amount to Nothing So You Say By Monica Helene Thomas

I’ll Never Amount to Nothing So You Say Keisha Hawkins is a young woman who grew up in the projects by her mother who was a drug addict. As she gotten older her mother finally straightens up her life but begins to put others down. Author’s Bio Monica Helene Thomas of Gainesville, Florida is a […]

Murder Seen Through the Eyes of a Child by Nathan Rhodes

Murder Seen Through the Eyes of a Child Our story unfolds in the Appalachian Mountains during the 1960s. It is fiction but based on actual events that occurred in the lives of three young boys. The mountains during this time period are still very picturesque and teeming with wildlife. Clear water carves its way down […]

Mutual Transitions by Ronald Walker

Mutual Transitions  by Ronald Walker Wilson Crammer, a kidnap and amnesia victim is rescued in Denver Colorado. He entrusts the administration of his vast financial holdings to his benefactor, Craig Greyson and his safety to the retired Heavyweight boxing champion, Jim Ellis. The turmoil of reestablishing his life and investigation into the intricacies involved in […]

Anna Mary by Amelie Rose Free Short Story

Download your FREE copy HERE The author would be grateful for a few kind words, thank you. Anna Mary by Amelie Rose Anna Mary, a recent and childless widow, has returned to rural Ireland, where she was raised by her grandparents, for the first time in 40 years. There in the lane she had run […]

Messages From Henry by Rebecca Scarberry

Review for Messages From Henry 5 Stars Heroes come in all sizes and shapes. In Messages from Henry a teen/young adult mystery by Rebecca Scarberry, the hero is Henry, the homing pigeon. Henry’s mistress is kidnapped and his devotion to her may be her only chance for freedom, ferrying notes back and forth from the […]

General Fiction Books

General Fiction books Thank you for visiting General Fiction Books Some times it’s difficult to see what category a book is best suited for, here you have a selection of quite diverse range of books to choose from. We hope you find something for your reading enjoyment. Please click on any book cover to see […]

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green Over 21,000 5 star reviews. Amazon Best Seller 352 pages of sheer enjoyable reading. Advancement in medical treatment has given Hazel more time, and the tumor is shrinking and Hazel story takes a completely new turn. Viewers say it’s brilliant, it’s funny at times and heart warming. […]

Invisible Child by Carol Macfie Lange

Invisible Child by Carol Macfie Lange INVISIBLE CHILD is about a boy who is hidden and then abandoned by his parents when soldiers of the fascist tyrant General Franco take them by force from their mountain village. His father is mortally wounded and his mother is taken prisoner. The boy escapes to the wild mountains […]

“Neoliberalization” as Betrayal

    “Neoliberalization” as Betrayal by Shubhra Sharma Using initiatives by non-governmental organizations to promote women’s empowerment in rural India, this book draws new conclusions about the three-way relationship between neoliberalism, women’s education, and spatialization of the state. Sharma gets to the heart of the assumptions and blindspots inherent in these programs and makes an important contribution to the […]

Illusion by Barbara Villemez,

Illusion A collection of short stories. Mandy’s Revenge, a story of the murder of a young girl due to superstition and ignorance. Jamaica Farewell, the story of an abused wife who solves her problem. Love Bites, the story of a beautiful vampire who learns to cope in the twenty-first century. The Funeral, do the dead […]