Branded by Angela Gascoigne

Branded by Angela Gascoigne Love them or loathe them, tattoos are here to stay! And, if like me, you weren’t ready to say goodbye to your favourite couple afterThe Seasons of Our Love, you’ll be delighted to hear that Danny and Rosie are back!   They have an exciting new business venture to focus on. […]

The Seasons of Our Love by Angela Gascoigne

The Seasons of Our Love A love story based in a seaside location in England. There’s secrets and lies, humour and and some spooky moments and we’re touched by the pain of bereavement and mental illness. AUTHOR BIO I was Born in Newcastle in 1965, and remained there until 2004 when I re-located to West […]

Say You’ll Never Love Me by Ann Everett

Say You’ll Never Love Me Raynebeaux Starr’s life takes a drastic turn when she becomes caretaker to her niece. Needing guidance in her new role, she walks to a nearby church and mistakes Jared Sloan for the minister. Jared’s life is a mess. He’s trying to get rid of two women at the same time. […]

All the Way to Heaven by Becky Doughty

All the Way to Heaven Anica Tomlin, business major, has just learned that the man she’s been planning her future around, her Global Finance professor, already has a beautiful wife and family. Ani cashes in her graduation gift to herself a little early–a trip to Tuscany–but from the moment she boards the wrong train in […]

Her Heart for the Asking

Her Heart for the Asking  From New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author, Lisa Mondello, a Contemporary Western Romance Novel “Ms. Mondello presents a beguiling story that keeps you turning the pages…Truly a joy to read.” Susan Mobley – 4 STARS – ROMANTIC TIMES MAGAZINE Mandy Morgan swore she’d never step foot in Texas […]

The Life List by Chrissy Anderson

The Life List (The List Trilogy, Volume 1) The Life List is the ultimate chick lit novel and most of the story is true. It takes place in trendy, suburban northern California during the late ‘90’s with several comical ‘80’s high school flashbacks. Chrissy Anderson, a twenty-eight year old fashion executive, created a seven-point life […]

Missing Pieces by Michael Golvach

Missing Pieces ***Short-Listed in the BookViral Book Award 2016 – Top 38 out of over 1000 Entrants*** ***Winner of the Silver Medal Award in the Global Ebook Awards in Both The “Popular    Fiction” and “Romance/Erotica” Categories 2016*** ***Winner of the Bronze Medal Award in the Readers Favorite Book Awards in The “Romance-General” Category 2016*** […]

SEAL It With A Kiss by Rogenna Brewer

SEAL It With A Kiss  Twitter Name: Facebook Name: › Visit Amazon’s Rogenna Brewer Page Sign up for my newsletter: To become the first female SEAL she’ll have to match wits with the best… Lieutenant Tabitha Chapel is determined to join the Teams. She’s not about to let a little thing like […]

Charming You by Kris Jayne

Charming You  About Charming You Micky Llewellyn has trusted men before—with disastrous results. Now, she’s focused on her career, her friends, and making sure she doesn’t let another charming man lie to her and break her heart.   Nick Halden’s life has unfolded according to plan. He’s on track to a partnership at one of […]

Ryker (Steele Brothers #1) by Cheryl Douglas

Ryker (Steele Brothers #1) Mackenzie Steele wants to feel desirable again, and there’s only one way to do that… by asking Ryker to move out. Ryker’s blindsided when his wife tells him she wants to separate. She seems happy without him, living life on her own terms, and he knows if he doesn’t find a […]

How to Survive Your Sisters by Ellie Campbell

How to Survive Your Sisters  Uptight perfectionist Natalie MacLeod is under the fond illusion she can micro-manage a flawless wedding to her stuffy conventional fiancé, Jeremy.  But that’s without factoring in an alcoholic father, an outspoken eccentric mother and Natalie’s three feuding sisters. Can workaholic Avril lose the chip on her shoulder and overcome her […]

Just A Drop in the Ocean by Grant Leishman

  Just A Drop in the Ocean    Two teenagers in the 1970’s start a relationship, as pen-pals, and soon have their futures together all mapped out, until that pesky, little,  thing called life, steps in and ruins everything. Follow the separate, often painful, but always action packed lives of Teresa Mercado, from a tiny, […]

Valentine Goodbye by Annie Acorn

Valentine Goodbye (Luna Lake Cabins Stories Book 3) Valentine Goodbye.Escaping from Valentine’s Day, a holiday he has come to dread, James Edison has been drawn to the lakes and peaks of the Cumberland Mountains of East Tennessee filled with a need to reconnect with past memories, but what will he do with himself now that […]

Christmas By Design by Annie Acorn

Christmas By Design (Luna Lake Cabins Stories Book 2) Filled by the need to recover from a blow life has dealt her, Samantha Hill is drawn to the lakes and peaks of the Cumberland Mountains of East Tennessee, where she seeks to set new priorities now that she has been denied what could’ve been and […]

Love’s Third Chance by Annie Acorn

Love’s Third Chance (Luna Lake Cabins Stories Book 1) In a moment of despair, Zoe Longworth rents a cheery red convertible in an attempt to leave her troubles behind.  Completely alive and free for the first time in years, she is drawn to the lakes and peaks of the Cumberland Mountains of East Tennessee by […]

Fate Accompli by Maria Messini (MM Jaye)

Fate Accompli The last thing Alex wants is to train a new PA. Especially one who feeds his staff with pies and his mind with wicked thoughts. All Monica wants is to prove to her childhood crush that she’s grown out of the disaster-magnet phase. But she has to hide who she is. When Fate […]

Carolina Hurricane by Gwendolyn Grace

Carolina Hurricane Harley is a drifter with no particular destination in mind. Her smart mouth and tough girl exterior have gotten her through some pretty rough times in her life. She has no idea when she hitches a ride with a handsome stranger to get out of the rain that she has met her match. […]

Sweet Surrender by Lizabeth Scott

Sweet Surrender Mari Roe was in no way prepared for the tall, dark, and handsome hunk that walked into her diner, and proceeded to sweep her off of her feet. After spending a very enjoyable evening talking Ki invited Mari to join him on the rest of his business trip. Mari knew what he was […]

A Sheik for Rose by Lizabeth Scott

A Sheik for Rose A Sheik for Rose is the first installment in Lizabeth Scott’s Hearts of Gold Series. Rose Gold was the triplet that took the business world by storm. At least in her mind. In reality, she was no more than the assistant to the assistant of the vice president of Royston Oil. […]

Risking Ruin by Mae Wood

Risking Ruin A refreshing, funny, and steamy lawyers love story! Marisa Tanner’s most important client, multi-billion dollar family-owned Brannon Company, has been sued by nine of its employees for sexual harassment. Marisa is a pro at handling sexual harassment allegations, but will she be able to handle the CEO’s prodigal son as well as she […]

Soup by Angela Gascoigne

Soup Love can blossom in the most unlikely of places, as Ava learns when she volunteers at a soup kitchen in Cork city, on Christmas Day, much to the disgust of husband, Richard. He has differing opinions to Ava on the subject of homelessness. So, feeling angry and rejected, he makes his own plans for […]

Captain’s Point Stories Box Set

Captain’s Point Stories Box Set The first box set offered in the romantic women’s fiction/family saga series Captain’s Point Stories contains the first three novels in the series and a Christmas short all filled with romance, humor, and adventure in stories of love and personal growth. It contains: A CLUE FOR ADRIANNA (Captain’s Point Stories […]

A Valentine Surprise (Captain’s Point Stories Book 51)

A Valentine Surprise (Captain’s Point Stories Book 51) Valentine’s Day weekend is the busiest sales period of the year for Beth’s Buds – everyone’s favorite florist in Captain’s Point.  Unfortunately, Marjorie Harper, the shop assistant, remains ill with the flu, and Harry Tiner, the delivery man, has begun feeling feverish.  The tiny bell over the […]

Love Me Tender by Mimi Barbour

Love Me Tender by Mimi Barbour Anne Pichette, a young and foolish exchange student from Paris finds out that life on a real Texas ranch means not only hard work but sexy cowboys and a load of heartache. After her year, she returns home with more than she went with… a baby son and a […]

She’s Not You by Mimi Barbour

She’s Not You by Mimi Barbour It’s Christmas! And Belle, an out-of-work young mother, ill and running from an irrational and frightening brother-in-law who wants her for himself, is desperate. Jesse’s a soft-hearted man who lives in the past and won’t let it go. He gave his heart to his first young love and can’t […]