Bloody Gullets

Bloody Gullets Bloody Gullets, by Michael Golvach, is a collection of short stories for those who love their books with a dark edge. Not horror, but dark where it matters. A collection of psychological thrillers that show you inside those dark places where everything else hides. Nothing is black and white. Not even grey. With […]

Skinniness is Next to Goddessness? Lacey’s Story by Julia Keanini

Skinniness is Next to Goddessness? Sent back to her father after her mother’s sudden remarriage, Lacey Steele knows she’s unwanted by her mom, dad, and the only boy she’s ever had a crush on. Skinniness seems to be the answer to all of Lacey’s life problems, including one upping her boyfriend stealing, perfect big sister. […]

Looking Past by Katharine E. Smith

  Looking Past Sarah Marchley is eleven years old when her mother dies. Completely unprepared and suffering an acute sense of loss, she and her father continue quietly, trying to live by the well-intentioned advice of friends, hoping that time really is a great healer and that they will, eventually, move on. Life changes very […]

On Herring Cove Road by Michael Kroft

On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy Mr. Rosen is broken, and the only thing keeping him together is his progressively sickening  wife. To make matters worse, his wife had insisted and then moved them to a smaller house in lower-middle class neighbourhood directly next door to racist whose nine-year old son […]

The Illusion by Dan Sharma

The Illusion’ the Novel by Dan Sharma ‘ shows the ups and downs in the life of Danny, a young student in Burma who escapes the Military Regime tyranny to obtain refuge in the United Sates. He is quite successful to own a construction company. Very crafty in exploiting his client’s weaknesses, he makes business […]

Seven Fish Tree by Ron Shaw

Seven Fish Tree by Ron Shaw Ron Shaw resides in Georgia and is a retired Atlanta Police Captain, married with one child, BA degree in English Literature from Georgia State University. Seven Fish Tree is based on a NDE (Near Death Experience) that happened to Ron Shaw in October, 2013. He will take the reader […]