Stella by Elle E. Kay

Stella  Christian Romantic Suspense A few poor choices lead Stella into trouble. After an encounter that leaves her petrified, Stella faces her stark reality. Is God there? Can she find the faith she needs to persevere? Will her family be there if she reaches out to them? Jason is a complication she’d rather not deal […]

The Second Coming by Grant Leishman

  The Second Coming – Synopsis:   In a world ruled by greed, lust and selfishness, its creator has had enough. God is pissed! He orders earth and all of humanity destroyed, declaring it to have been a failed experiment. Jesus, has a soft spot for humanity though and begs for one more chance to […]

She’s Mine by Tammy Doherty

  She’s Mine, a Romantic Suspense (Christian) Math teacher Caitlin Harrington never wanted to get married so it’s just not fair that the first guy she dates—ever—turns out to be a creep. She takes a new job in the quiet New England town of Naultag, Massachusetts, where she grew up. But now someone is leaving menacing […]