How to Structure Information for Better Memorizing by Lucy Adams

How to Structure Information for Better Memorizing   Life goes faster and faster, giving us a lot of new requirements. To be successful in a constantly growing market, you have to be able to cope with huge amounts of information. That’s why I want to share with you a few ideas on how to organize […]

Questions and Answers from Lloyd Lofthouse

Questions and Answers from Lloyd Lofthouse Let me introduce to you  Lloyd Lofthouse, who has very kindly allowed us to see the method he uses in his marketing by way of Questions & Answers. Beezeebooks  Q&A Lloyd Lofthouse   1. Lloyd what do you attribute your success to?   Any success I’ve had as a mid […]

Blog: Sandra Kerns about Dream Stalker

Dream Stalker (Colorado Skies series) The inspiration for Dream Stalker came to me while watching a show about twin/multiple births and how, even when separated at birth some of those children still had a kind of psychic link. Of course, I had to take it a step beyond and add the problem of the children […]

Post FIRSTBORN by G.L.Sheridan

.. FIRSTBORN by G.L.Sheridan How did I come to write my novel, ‘Firstborn’? My novels often start as a single idea – a ‘What if?’ For example, the idea ‘What if Jesus had never existed?’ began a train of thought which led to a complete novel called ‘Short of a Miracle,’ about a priest transported […]

Blog Post by Amelie Rose

An Interview with Amelie Rose author of The Duchess’ Diary, Love Child, Mirror Image, Lazy Weekend 1 & 2 Love’s Return and Henri’s Cellar and her most popular How to Create a Shabby Chic Lifestyle Here goes Q.Who are your greatest support – who believes in you? My husband, son and daughter-in-law who all think I […]

The King who was Mad at his Son by Denise Sharon

  The King who was Mad at his Son This is a book about the king who was  mad at his son, he could not see him any more through the dark cloud of anger around him. The prince was so upset, and felt so small he seemed to have vanished into the carpet… After […]

Rik Stone, author on holiday in Mexico

Rik Stone, author The freedom of a holiday for a writer, or should that read lack of freedom? Just got back from a holiday in Mexico. Well, it has taken me a week to get over the jetlag before putting pen to paper. We were also shattered making the trip out there and just wanted […]

A Journey of Faith shortly to be Published

Hello, My name is Ann Harrison and I am in the process of writing a novel entitled A Journey of Faith. The book has not been published as of yet, but you can be a part of that process as potential readers. Let me explain a little about the book, then I will tell you […]

Christmas Pride by Des Birch

Christmas story 2014 by Des Birch Christmas pride   “But why can’t I open it now?” asked Darren, my nine year old. “Because it’s not yet Christmas,” I replied in the calm way that mothers do in these situations. “I know that uncle Carl has bought me the game.  Look, it’s here under the tree.” […]

Authors Before Self Publishing Check These Points

Amazon has thousands of books online that never have a sale, WHY? Today let’s look at what the reader looks for on  Amazon when searching for a book. 1)      Favorite author 2)      Book cover 3)      Title 4)      Book description 5)      Reviews All these are things people look for and it tells us that all bases need to be covered if we want to maximize  sales potential. Let’s break it down. Cover. This needs to tell a story, your story, and it should be as professional  as your finances allow so think carefully what you want the cover to say – the clearer the message the more chances the book has of selling. Title. This should intrigue the reader, give them an indication of what they are going to be reading about. With a self-help book, ‘How to’ is an easy example of the title saying what it’s all about. With  fiction the title should also indicate something about what’s going to be inside. Sub titles can further guide the reader’s understanding of the type of book it is going to be. Description. Here,  too many authors fail to give the time and thought it deserves. How else is the reader going to know if the book is what they want to read if the description is half-treated and overly brief? Treat  the description with as much effort and time as you would when redrafting your book – it’s that important. It is said that Jeffery Archer redrafts his books up to seventeen times before sending the manuscript off to his editor – and that should be how important authors treat a book description. Reviews. Yes, it’s the bane of a new Indie author’s  life. Just how many are needed? How are they obtained? What if they are all one and two stars? Receiving one and two stars with negative wording can be devastating and can indicate one of four things. 1. The reviewer is a negative thinker who gets their kicks out of knocking people. 2. The book title, cover, or description misled the reader into buying the wrong book for them and they vented their frustration. 3. The book is badly written, or badly edited with lots of grammatical errors. There are many readers (and rightly so) who find this insulting and this lack of care by the author will not gain the book a good review. 4. Lastly, you simply cannot always please everybody, so try not to let it get to you. […]