The Journey: The Ultimate Power Book by Shadahyah Elizabeth

The Journey: The Ultimate Power Book A life of adventure is what Elizabeth and her two best friends, Jasmine and Renee had always dreamed of. Anything was better than the boring life they lived in the small village of Cerin where nothing ever happened. And heaven forbid if they were to leave the village, their […]

The Illusion by Dan Sharma

The Illusion’ the Novel by Dan Sharma ‘ shows the ups and downs in the life of Danny, a young student in Burma who escapes the Military Regime tyranny to obtain refuge in the United Sates. He is quite successful to own a construction company. Very crafty in exploiting his client’s weaknesses, he makes business […]

The Devil’s Graveyards by T.L.Parker

The Devil’s Graveyards A handful of people from across the globe and spanning four centuries, their lives bound together by fate, are guided toward the one thing they all have in common…the island. A sultry breeze whispers warnings through the palms as a wounded sixteenth-century settler enters the island’s dark cavern, disturbing ancient secrets. Amid […]