Body Lock by Grace Hugh

Body Lock by Grace Hugh

Body Lock

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MMA Sports Romance

MMA fighting sensation Jans “The Dragon” will do anything to protect LeAnne… and their secret baby.


I was a nobody. A nobody with a junkie mom and a sh*t life. I swore I’d never be like her, I was good!

Until bad boy Jans rolled through like a storm, claiming my body with his dominating hands and my heart with his icy blue eyes. My mom finally did something right when she became Vinnie, Jans’ dad’s, arm candy girlfriend.

Then everything went wrong.

I know Jans didn’t mean to do it. He was only trying to protect me.


Her innocence was like an addiction, I was obsessed from the moment I saw her. I couldn’t get enough of her sweet lips and delicious taste.

My Capo father would kill us if he ever found out. He wanted to marry LeAnne off in some bullsh*t Family alliance but I had other plans.

It all fell apart when I f**ked it up. Bad.

Bad like a two year, federal penitentiary sentence bad.

Now I’m out and nothing will stop me from doing what I have to and exposing Vinnie’s treachery to protect LeAnne.

I’m 6’2″ and 220 pounds of hard, fighting muscle. I’ll battle it out in the cage and score our future. All I have to do is beat every opponent the Families send at me, no limit, in one night. Impossible but I’ll come out on top.

*Note: Body Lock is a full length novel, heavy on the steam, with a happy ever after ending and no cliffhangers.*

About the Author

Grace HughGrace likes hard, filthy bad boys that fight. She’s loved MMA since it was a no rules, gritty cage battle. Her stories are steamy and suspenseful.

She has her own HEA, beautiful children, loves coffee and pajamas.To get early notifications of new books at a discounted price, giveaways and ARC opportunities sign up for the newsletter! I’ll never spam you, pinky swear ♥

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Top Customer Reviews

Format: Kindle Edition

I received an arc in exchange for an honest review. I truly enjoyed reading this story. The MMA scenes were spot on and you actually picture being at the events.

Jans’ father is head of their Mob family and is ruthless and cares for absolutely no one. When Vinnie brings home new arm candy, Jans is totally taken with her teenage daughter, LeAnne. They develop a relationship which must be kept secret in order for them to survive.

Vinnie only cares about who can make him the most money. Anyone who comes up short is beaten and left for dead. He creates an event in which he plans to double cross the other Mob families and Jans is the key to the ultimate fight.

Will Jans survive the brutal event? Will Vinnie succeed in the double cross? Jump in and take this adventure head on~


Format: Kindle Edition

I received an ARC of this book for an honest review

I normally only read paranormal genre, but omg this book was so very good, Jas is an alpha male who only wants to protect his true love LeAnn, I love how we get to see how they met and their life leading up to what happens in the end, I Highly recommend this book!!!


Format: Kindle Edition

I typically don’t read the MMA stories but so glad that I tried this one. The fights were so descriptive you could easily picture them. The love story was both sweet and hot. The sex scenes were hot. Then you mix in the mob and this book had it all. Can’t wait to see what this author does next! I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.


Format: Kindle Edition

I was offered this book for free for a review. I found this book to be a wonderful read. Both Jans and Leanne are great characters. The background for both was great. Throughout the entire book I was rooting for them not to mention that Vinny would get his. Loved Leanne and Jans and absolutely hated Vinny. However without Vinny there was no story. I highly recommend this new author. I am looking forward to her next book.


Format: Kindle Edition

This was a very good book. I read a lot of different genres and this one was very well written. Jans is out to protect his girl which is carrying his baby. The book also let you see how they met and what he does to save her just gotta read you won’t be disappointed



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