Blogging for fun or Profit

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Blogging for fun or profit

Blogging for fun or profit

Blogging for fun or profit is actually the perfect way to communicate and make the most your talents, it’s easy up and maintainWhere else are you paid to write something that interests you, whenever you want, no matter where you are? The flexibility of blogging makes it easy for you write what your passion and interest are and you can do it in your spare time, weekends or on holiday.

Our purpose is to write a e-book about what interest you the most and make it profitable at the same time.

You first of all need a plan and do the steps in the best order. Step 1 is finding a domain name that best suits subject your most interest in. Here you have several options (a) get a free blog either at or (b)  or (c) purchase a hosting account. At this stage I recommend starting with the free blog and using word press, later if you feel it’s doing well and you want to expand you can upgrade to  and be able to use the many plugins that are available to enhance your site.

A few years ago Blogger .com was a bigger player than word press, however word press is now leaps ahead of even though Blogger is owned by Google. The feature word press has allows you to build an amazing site, is improving and maybe it’s something to keep an eye on as things develop.

To get a free blog go to  and sign up, giving all the details as required. Once you have done that you need to play around with the program, get use to what each function does. Word press has heaps of theme to choose from some you pay for others are free, nothing wrong with the free ones, and at this stage it’s best to avoid spending any money in case you get fed up and want to toss it.

Oh I must mention here, give it very careful consideration as to the name you give this site. You will see that the title will be

http://www.(your chosen name) one reason for that is you may want to purchase a domain name  using your chosen name, but more important by picking the best possible name, give Google search a better chance of indexing you to a higher ranking.

Error! Reference source not found.It pays to gain some insight into the terminology   used in the world of blogging here’s a brief over view of a few:

In the paid version of Word press you hear a lot about plug-in’s which pieces of software designed for a particular purpose are, there are hundreds of them, made by some very clever people.

With Word press free version you get widgets which are similar to plug-ins.

Once you know you’re committed to continuing blogging you will want to upgrade and Word press makes it fairly easy for you.

Next we need to look at content (the article you want to write about) In order to get a good ranking with Google you will need to produce quality written material. You will hear this time and again on the internet, gone are the days when any rubbish got through.

What you write about is of course the things that interest you the most, research your topic well, each article should be between 800-1500 words, 500 was the norm until fairly recently. Google want its customers (those that use its search engine) to have real value, with quality expert options given.

What you’re looking for in producing your first blog is a profitable niche, after all the title of this book is about making profit from your knowledge and the time and effort you put into writing your blog has to have a pay day attached to it.

Don’t get me wrong here I write blogs where I want to express myself on a particular subject, where no money making opportunities is involved, I have other sites that gives me the income to make it all worthwhile.
How you write is all important, don’t put in too much heavy stuff or your visitors will run a mile, if you are able to make it light and easy on the mind to read, visitors will come back wanting more. One e-book I’d recommend that will help you in your writing and it’s only 99 cents is by Amelie Rose called‘How to Write – something interesting find it on
When writing an article think of the people you’re trying to communicate with, make them feel good about what you’re writing, be light, a bit of humor will go a long way if you’re able to create it. Write as if you are having a one on one conversation with a friend.


People pick up on your personality, they get to know you through the words you use, are you convincing them that they want to trust you, that you won’t let them down, is what your writing  honest and that you know what you’re  talking about. All these things become crystal clear after reading only one or two articles of yours.
Don’t be afraid to show your own personality, people like to know who you really are.

So remember think of the reader as a single person, someone you like and want to make friends with and your words will come across as you intend them too.

For much more info on blogging click HERE to learn from one of the world’s top bloggers.

It’s debatable just how often you need to write an article, some say once a month, some once a week and many update their articles on a daily bases. The number of times you write in a month will depend on (a) how much time can you devote to writing and (b) do you have enough material to write many articles.

Perhaps (b) is the reason why you need to choose a subject that you are passionate about, that you have a love for and can write countless articles on. Your readers have got to feel that you’re passionate about your subject, they need to sense it in your words, and so even if you’re not the best writer, they will feel your passion and respect you for it.

Don’t pick a subject that you find is hard going or you will soon run out of stream
I mention the number of times to write each month, the more times you write the more likely- hood that Google will rank you higher, if you miss a month you will properly notice you’re ranking in the world drops back. I know this from my own experience, I run a number of blogs and sometimes when other issue occur you miss a month on one of the blogs and WHAM before you know it your down by 200,000 places. The message here is be regular and try to do at least two article a month,

You will at some stage run out of ideas and feel lost, fortunately the internet has an abundance of information on your very topic and with a little research, maybe looking at your competition or sites similar to yours you will regain the passion and find stacks to write about. I think you could put almost any subject into Google search and you will come up with hundreds of sites to gain ideas from.



I’ll talk more on backlinks later, but for those of you who don’t know what backlinks are and how important they are to your blog; they can be likened to a community of people. You know Joe who lives a short distance from you and he knows Mr Bigshot and through Joe, Mr Bigshot knows you, that’s how you are linked and the more links the more people know of you. To help bring you altogether you have Google and other search engines. The more Mr Bigshots you have the better you’re ranking in the world.

One of the best ways to establish a relationship with other bloggers of similar interest to yourself, is to leave a comment on their site and with that comment you also leave your blog URL example; http://www.(yourname).com or whatever your address is. Some bloggers will do guest post (an article for you) and you will return the favour, it might help with fresh content from time to time. If you do run short of articles you can get others to write for you, such as or Occasionally you might want to grab a bit of news from the internet off of one of the many newspapers, Google, MSM or yahoo news.

Other ways of finding information that may be useful to you, are being involved with one or two social sites and a forum suited to your interest. Remember the more often you post an article to your blog the more search engines will love you. More on creating traffic to later. Buy now to see more  or




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