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For many writers struggling to write that first novel, my career in advertising had proven a useful field. For one thing—it paid!

Like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Don DeLillo, and Helen Gurley Brown, who worked as copywriters in their early careers, I, too, was a copywriter. I began working for advertising agencies in the eighties when I lived in Wisconsin, which ultimately led to opening my own agency.

<p.In a way, it makes sense that the advertising field would spawn successful writers, like the above-mentioned famous people. In advertising, whether you’re a designer, part of the marketing team, and especially if you are a copywriter, it’s imperative to think outside the box to get ahead of the competition. It takes lots of imagination and creativity to ping out creative copy for hundreds of print ads, brochures, TV advertisements and the like.

For me, copywriting was like a prerequisite or exercise for writing ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME, a paranormal romance story.

Why I chose to write in this genre was because I’ve always been intrigued with the spirit world—spooky unexplained sounds during the middle of the night, the world from beyond trying to claw its way through to our world. Or a chill that rattles the spine when one senses that something unnatural is near. However, most consuming in my life has always been the question of what becomes of us after we die.

A tragic car accident took my uncle’s life. I was six years of age and very close to him. Later my mother died when I was very young. At the risk of sounding like a kook, I can honestly say both had visited me shortly after their deaths, which in itself is a remarkable story. Events such as these played an intrinsic role in wanting to write Once Upon Another Time, it was a way of expressing my own thoughts in what becomes of us after we die, and what happens to all the love we’ve stored in our hearts. Does it still live on after death?

I strongly believe we cross over to another dimension. Like in the case of what had occurred in my own life, the world of the dead and the world of the living sometimes collide. Same way it does for a widow and her dead husband in my novel Once Upon Another Time. I wanted to write something uplifting and by the reviews on Amazon, I think I have achieved that.

 However, the task of getting the word out about my novel wasn’t as easy as writing the story.

Social media helped a lot, but it’s also tricky. I feel it’s important to participate because it’s good marketing. However, spending oodles of time on visiting/participating on different sites was hurting my writing endeavor more than helping it. I’ve heard about other authors struggling over this same issue of how to divide marketing time from writing time.

Then one day it hit me. An author’s best marketing tool is a book that markets itself. Quite simply, if your book is not that great then no amount of marketing/social media will help to sell it. Therefore, although I will always continue to participate via my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and maintain a website, I now choose to spend more time focused on writing my second novel. If I can create a better book, my readers will do the marketing by spreading the word.

As an Indie writer, I feel proud to be part of the revolution! Self-publishing has given rise to the Indie writer. Decades from now we all might be viewed as the early settlers, the pilgrims of self-publishing that gave writers the opportunity to be discovered and to make their books instantly accessible and affordable to millions of readers around the world.

Thank you for taking time to let me share a little bit of my thoughts with you.

Rosary McQuestion

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