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Felicity Fleetwood – Murder in Brambly Cott by P.Rose – diary entry

Dear Diary

I have just come back from Brambly Cott – such a quaint serene little village in the Cotswolds, and surprise, surprise, I have bought a house.  Actually, it’s a Manse, one of those glorious Edwardian homes they used to house Vicars in before things got all modern and compact.

It’s marvellous, I love it, even though it needs a major overhaul and it will be costly but I can see it all quite clearly, it’s just what I’ve been looking for.  It will suit my new business ideally, besides being a nice posh place to live, at least it will be when I’m finished with it. It reminds me of Aunt Alma’s old place in Hyde – Gowerhey–  lots of enormous rooms and grand panelling and moulded ceilings. The grounds are divine, I may even take up gardening as a hobby,it’s a whole acre with lovely trees and specimen shrubs and a wide open area. The estate agent told me they used to hold garden parties and fetes there.  I’ll definitely needsomeone to assist me.

I can’t wait to get things rolling but first things first, I’ve rung Andrew and he’s going to come and have a look and start work on some design plans. The kitchen has definitely got to go. It’s quite hideous and the study – well, that will need some major work too – at the moment it’s incredibly gloomy and worn-looking, although the book shelves that cover a whole wall are oak and quite magnificent. No one is going to touch them.

As for the plumbing – it looks and sounds like something out of the ark so the whole system will have to be renewed plus I’ll need an ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom. The other bathroom needs a complete overhaul, new fittings and a total redesign. Heavens, I can almost hear the money tinkling down the loo and that’s before I even think about decorating the place. But I’m not complaining, I’m happy with my purchase and besides, I’ve always wanted a character home in the peaceful serenity of the Cotswolds.

I do wonder what the villagers might think about my business. The sign might throw them at first but I’m sure they will get used to the idea. After all, murder is my trade, I do have to advertise the fact so they will have to get used to it.
And the bonus is, if I need to get any information out and circulating, I’ve discovered there is no better way in Brambly Cott than to drop a few hints in the local corner shop and post office. The Post Mistress, Betty her name is, is quite the town crier and that, dear diary, should work to my advantage. In fact I shall make sure it does.

This is all so exciting. I can’t wait to get started, but lots to do until then. Talk soon diary.

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