Ugly Tuckling by G.L. Sheridan

Blog Post by Laura Sheridan

Blog Post by Laura Sheridan author of Ugly Tuckling

My name is Giacomina Laura Sheridan and I’m a writer. Okay, you’re probably wondering about the Giacomina bit. It’s Italian. My Mum was from Italy and my Dad from Sicily. But the name’s a bit of a tongue-twister so I use my middle name, Laura.


My hope? Tell you what my hope is: I want a garden. A LARGE one. I love, love, love gardening – not just growing shrubs and flowers, but also my own fruit and veg.


Made some wonderful gooseberry and redcurrant jam last year. I’ve also made wine from blackcurrants and we have our own patch of strawberries, an apple tree, two small pear trees (only got one pear off each of them last year, but give it time). We also have raspberries and rhubarb – and all in a small patch of ground that measures around ten feet square.


Of course, I’d love to grow more food. I’d especially like to plant an orchard. But land costs money. Still, we have our name down for an allotment.


My outlook on today’s world: Scared, basically. We seem to be at the mercy of a few delusional people. But at least the economy’s picking up. We think.


I have three cats, but love all animals. I worry about the environment, how humans are not only taking over wildlife habitats but also polluting them. We’re polluting ourselves too.


And that’s another thing – I worry about obesity. There’s so much of it about – and people aren’t just a bit fat – they’re ENORMOUS. We know now that this problem isn’t caused by eating fat, so all the low-fat hype was misleading. It’s caused by sugar. But sugar is still being pumped into food of all kinds. I tried to buy some cooked meat at the supermarket and even that has sugar in it. You can tell by the –OSE ending. Even tins of cat food have sugar in!!!


Does someone, somewhere want us to be fat? We have to fight back, people. Buy your own meat, veg and fruit. Cook for yourself. It’ll taste better too. (One of my novels, Ugly Tuckling, is a romantic comedy about a fat guy)


I’ve always loved to write. Well, okay – not always. I started seriously about twenty years ago. I write under the name of G.L.Sheridan and currently have five books on Amazon Kindle.


Two are comedies:


One’s a rags-to-riches story of a Sicilian girl (well, it would be silly not to write something based on my background – the only thing I’m missing is the riches bit)


I also have two YA books:


I’ve also got a couple of stories on there and a story in poetry form (apologies to Chaucer) which is a bit of a laugh. If you want to have a quick look at any of the books or stories, just click on the links.


Oh – and a collection of poetry




I run a local Reading Group and help run two local writing groups. I also teach, part-time. Been happily married for 39 years and have two grown-up children, both married. We have one grandchild and another is imminent.


Other hobbies: of course, I love reading. Recently read ‘The Book of Strange New Things’ by Michel Faber. Fantastic. Nearly 600 pages and read it in three days, not wanting to put it down but also not wanting it to finish!


I’ve also recently become a huge fan of Stephen King. I’d previously dismissed him as a horror writer, but since reading his novel about Kennedy, I’ve seriously revised my opinion: the man is a hell of a writer – one of the best. Others include Sarah Waters, Ben Elton and Donna Tartt.


I do a bit of painting (or used to – don’t seem to have time, at the moment) and wish I could do portraits but can’t get the likeness. It’s a great frustration. I also enjoy knitting, (which I’m good at) and sewing (which I’m not).


Walking in the outdoors, especially where there are trees, gives me a special lift. I think we all need to mingle with nature every day, instead of being stuck indoors in front of a lap-top. And here I am, in front of a lap-top.


Ah well – time to take that walk. Thanks for reading.

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