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A French Affair a romance novel by Amelie Rose

A French Affair

Amelie Rose author  A French Affair

buy button for a French Affair by Amelie RoseIn 2012 I spent six months in the UK and Europe. It was in Paris, standing before the Mona Lisa, that the idea for A French Affair came to me. I had recently read an article about Hitler’s determinedly blatant theft of thousands of works of fine art from private ownerships in France and the story idea just popped into my head.
I wrote the outline for A French Affair  whilst still in Europe and when I returned to New Zealand made it my writing priority. Originally I had planned a quite different chain of events but I grew to love the character of Amis so much that I felt he deserved a greater, more pivotal role. Since finishing the book I’ve always considered it the right decision.
At some stage soon I would like to write a sequel to A French Affair , or perhaps that is the wrong word. One of my characters, Arlette, who I named after a lovely lady I met in France, I feel, has her own story to tell so that idea has been brewing away in the background for the last year.
A French Affair  follows the fortunes of Silvie and Tom Roth and, initially, their London-based fine food and wine business. Born in France to a French mother, Silvie has long harbored a desire to sell the business and return to France to live. Tom, however, isn’t so keen but a series of events, or should I say catastrophes, sees Silvie returning to France alone and pregnant. The real story of A French Affair  develops from that point.
My latest book, Murder in Brambly Cott, is a cosy murder mystery and was a lot of fun to write. I am a big fan of the genre and of the Cotswolds, an area that seems to lend itself to such stories, or at least give it a specific interest. I think it is such a beautiful part of the country with buildings loaded with historical character that the idea of murder happening in such tranquil surrounds is rather shocking and sinister goings-on are in stark contrast to the apparent serenity of surface appearances.
After Arlette’s story is told as a follow on to A French Affair  I will definitely be writing another cosy murder mystery, perhaps as a continuation toMurder in Brambly Cott as the characters are all set in place and seem to suit their various roles and the environment.

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