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After her father’s murder, Francesca discovers she is the secret legacy of the Medici—prophesied to return Italy to its former glory—and is now also targeted for assassination. Ignorant of her enemy’s identity and desperate to just be left alone, she is forced under the protection of Gianni, a warrior destined to defend her no matter the cost. Their worlds collide in passion and violence, and Francesca struggles to trust her guardian. When she and her mother are kidnapped, she is told to choose between working for the enemy and saving her mother’s life. Gianni will have to conquer both Francesca’s fears and his own personal demons to rescue them both in time.

About the Author

Staci TroiloStaci Troilo is a multi-genre author who loves to create paranormal, fantasy, and dramatic worlds full of complex characters. The one constant—strong and passionate character relationships. When she isn’t writing, she’s spending time with family and friends, who (not coincidentally) she also feels strongly and passionately about.
Staci  writes because she has hundreds of stories in her head. She publishes because people told her she should share them. She’s a multi-genre author whose love for writing is only surpassed by her love for family and friends, and that relationship-centric focus is featured in her work.
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Bleeding Heart is an intricately plotted story that weaves together the lives of two groups. The Notaro sisters who run an architectural design firm have just lost their father, John. The patriarch of their family, he was brutally murdered by unknown factions.

The sisters come to learn they are descendants of the Medici, a bloodline that dates back to the time of Michelangelo. Another group, the Brotherhood of Medici Protectorate has safeguarded the Notaro line for centuries. When the sisters learn of their legacy and the Brotherhood, there are immediate clashes— especially between Franki (Francesca) Notaro and Gianni, of the Brotherhood.

The mythology in this book is extremely well-developed. The author really took her time in building a believable and fascinating history for each group. As an example, Gianni and his adopted brothers each carry a stone dagger which is a focal point and an extension of the powers they wield. Gianni’s talent is related to blood and passion. He is able to both heal and inflict wounds, his fiery temperament nowhere more evident than in his passionate relationship with Franki. Their romance is at times steamy and tender, even combustible, but always full of heart.

As someone who grew up in an Italian family, I loved the old-world essence of this book. There are references to the Catholic Mass, Italian cooking, and family traditions. Franki and her sisters fight and argue but are always there for one another. The same with Gianni and his brothers. The guys’ disagreements tend to be explosive, but their loyalty for one another is unquestionable. The mystery kept me flipping pages, but the characters stole my heart. If you love elements of the paranormal, woven with romance, and intrigue, this is one book you don’t want to miss!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

After reading Bleeding Heart, Staci Troilo’s first venture into suspenseful romance, I can attest that she’s made a wise choice to branch out from mainstream fiction and mystery. She titled it Bleeding Heart for a very good reason (you’ll find no spoilers here), but I can tell you it was heart-stopping, heart-throbbing, and heart-pounding as well.

The novel, the first in her Medici Protectorate series, never allows the reader a moment to relax and take a breath for a variety of reasons. It’s a novel that crosses genre lines in a fascinating cross-pollination of lives, eras, and continents. There’s suspense, mystery, intrigue, and history. But overriding the whole thing is a romantic sensuality that tops anything I’ve read of late.

I’m impressed with what Ms. Troilo accomplished in this book. It’s intelligent and explores an area of mystery that has plagued generations from the United States to Italy. But she’s also written some of the steamiest sex scenes I’ve ever read. I’m embarrassed when I read some steamy romances because the plot line can delve into cheesy. Not so with this novel. She matched the personalities of her main characters–Franki and Gianni–perfectly. Both proud, stubborn, and with streaks of anger that are down right frightful. Even Franki’s sisters and Gianni’s adopted brothers fear that anger. What a combustible combination when the two meet and then eventually collide into one another on an explosive sensual ride.

It’s a roller coaster of a book that takes the reader from a city in the U.S., loosely resembling Pittsburgh, to the past of Michelangelo’s Italy.

But there’s more, if that’s not enough. There’s the paranormal aspect of the Medici line that’s been passed down to Gianni and his family tribe.Read more ›


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Set in the heart of Pittsburgh, Staci Troilo crafted a paranormal thriller about four sisters with a secret destiny. A destiny that depends on a secret society, the Medici Protectorate.

Staci crafted characters that we can relate to, and that we want to pull for. She weaves a relationship in between Franki and Gianni, one of the protectorate, while the girls fight to keep from being eliminated. As the relationship intensifies, so does the struggle to protect the family.

A fast paced romantic thriller filled with secrets, mysteries and a love hate relationship that kept me turning the pages. Staci built suspense, and her plot has twists and turns that kept me engaged from the beginning to the end.

Will there be a happy ending? Will the girls fulfill the prophecy? Definitely a must-read



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