Black For Last by Libby Fox


Black For Last by Libby Fox

Black For Last

Black For Last

It portrays a troubled married woman called Sophie who embarks on an emotional journey only to find she gets more than she bargained for! She had always craved  for multiple lovers. She is a Cardiology nurse working in a big City Hospital.
Sophie manages to indulge in extra marital affairs and ends up falling in love with one of her lovers.
A professional plastic surgeon working with her at the hospital, with a love for fetish, coerces her to constantly indulge and
carry out his will with regards to fetishes.
Having fallen madly in love with him and having a submissive streak she gives in to all his whims.
In the meantime he keeps her happy with extravagant gifts. He confesses to her that he does not love her, but she keeps hoping he will eventually change his feelings towards her.
He encourages her to have lesbian and interracial sex being his main obsession.
She tries to keep him happy and submits herself to all his wishes. Ben the black guy who is her lover’s best friend falls in love with her . She obviously is not interested. Ben  starts to stalk her and she eventually gives in to his advances just to prevent him from getting her into trouble. Sophie’s husband is oblivious to all this.  Sophie juggles with her lovers and makes sure her husband does not find out. One day she meets a Russian business man in a pub who is interested in her. She accepts his advances and get involved with him as well.  Trouble looms when she is asked to go to the Police station
one day. She is worried and distraught that it might have something to do with her plastic surgeon.
She is relieved though in the end when the police officer puts her out of her misery by telling her that her Russian friend is an Arms Trafficker and has been under police observation for over a year. They had searched his flat but he had already absconded.
She had no relevant information for them so she was free to leave the police station.
Her plastic surgeon has a Swingers night in store for Sophie, but being a sly man he does not reveal the nature of the party.
On the night she is molested by a woman who happens to be her surgeon’s friend .She
invites her for a bit of lesbian lovemaking.
Sophie being nearly inebriated has no choice but to allow her to take advantage of her. Obviously the surgeon is thrilled with the outcome. He enjoys seeing Sophie being taken by other men or women . He tells her he has to share her as well.
Sophie takes a break from her Plastic surgeon as her husband wants to take her on a Venetian holiday with some friends.
In the meantime the surgeon  flies to Germany on a Symposium for Plastic Surgeons. She enjoys her holiday in Venice but her mind in constantly on Mark the surgeon.
Two or three weeks go by until she sees Mark her lover again at the hospital. She cannot withold her excitement. But she suspects straight away that he might have been mixing business with pleasure and having it off with the German lasses. He admits to having had the odd fling as he could not suppress his sexual needs. But being a sly fox he works his way out by offering her a gift. A diamond friendship ring to celebrate the time they had been together. Sophie is blinded by this beautiful gift and lets him off the hook.
He invites her over to his place for celebration
where they a  session of passionate lovemaking.
She confesses to him that she has decided to see a psychoanalyst for her sex addiction.
Mark is not of the opinion that she is a sex addict. Ignoring him she seeks for the psychoanalyst help to be told she had some  childhood unresolved issues.
She carries on to see Mark and satisfy his fetishes. In the end he invites her to go with him on a 2 week holiday to Paris where he had organised interracial sexual meetings for her. In the meantime her husband is still unaware of what is going on. She convinces him she is going away with a girl friend of hers who happens to be a designer. Sophie being madly in love accepts the invitation and goes with her surgeon lover.

About the author

I have recently decided to wrote books. This obviously is one first one. Having quit my full time job I decided to put pen to paper.
It did not take me long to write my first book.
Being a rolling stone  I spent a lot of time travelling and working abroad before I got married. I left my motherland when I was 20 and lived in Italy for some time. My next trip was to the States where I carried out pharmacy work. I was not keen on the winters so a few years later I moved to Israel to study
music and singing at Rubens Conservatory in Jerusalem.  I did this for about 3 years . In the meantime I spent time also in Greece,Cyprus and France.
I met my husband a year after then moved to England where I have been since.
During my travels I have encountered all sorts of characters on which I based my book.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sizzling HOT!!! March 6, 2015
In Libby Fox’s erotica novel Black For Last her main character, Sophie ultimately has her choice in men, as they ravage and devour her sexually in quite a wide variety of…Well, you’ll have to read it to see.
To call Libby’s book out of my reading comfort zone would be a monumental understatement, but with that said, I found myself turning the pages electronically as quickly as I could read them. I longed to have a look at her main character, as I found myself instantly drawn into her seductiveness. She’s like no woman known to me, and that in itself was exciting.
I enjoyed this book, but would suggest a strong heart for those who partake of it, as Sophie immerses herself into carnal pleasures she had only fantasized about before the men graced her path with hot passion.
I’m still blushing…and it’s been hours since I finished it!

5.0 out of 5 stars I always try to support writers and maintain honesty while … March 6, 2015

Verified Purchase
I always try to support writers and maintain honesty while doing so. While I am not a usual reader of erotica, I did come across Olivia Fox’s ‘Black for Last’ and decided to expand upon my genres. I will say I was pleasantly surprised! Fox pulls no punches with her steamy sex scenes while actually developing her plot. A solid read for fans of erotica 🙂

5.0 out of 5 stars Have a cold shower ready and waiting. March 2, 2015

It annoys me to no end that Amazon won’t allow 1/2 stars because I honestly would give this book a 4 1/2, but since they don’t, 5 it is. This is NOT my usual read, but I met Libby through one of my various author’s circles, and she was such a dear, I told her I would read her book (the other reason I went up to five instead of down to four).

Oh my! This is a fast paced, steamy, in your face erotic novel, with some interesting surprises – then again, they could be status quo for this type of book, as I said, it’s not my usual read. I know I was more than likely sitting here in a full body blush while reading, but I kept reading – very quickly I might add.

Now I will tell you, because of all the hype and with the new movie now out, I attempted to read the “other” dirty book, and to be honest, I couldn’t get through the first chapter. It was an editing disaster which had me twitching. Although in Black for Last there are a few formatting issues (which for some unexplained reasons seem to happen in most ebooks), and some anomalies that may very well be the difference between American editing and British editing, Libby actually had a solid story behind all the sex. Think Body of Evidence (watched the whole thing) vs. Debbie Does Dallas (turned it off almost immediately – I still roll my eyes at my stupidity for trying to watch it, but like “THE BOOK” my curiosity got the better of me).

If erotica – and I mean no bones about it, hard core sex with no holds barred – is what fancies your tickle, than Black for Last will be right up your alley. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars February 19, 2015

Verified Purchase
If you love 50 Shades you will LOVE this book!
5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent depiction of Kama Sutra 3 Feb. 2015
By Rani
Well beyond 50 shades of grey and Lady Chatterley’s lover. An excellent depiction of Kama Sutra…stimulating and enticing. What else do we need Libby but the sequel.
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