A Biker Saga by Pamela Murdaugh-Smith

A Biker Saga by  Pamela Murdaugh-Smith

A Biker Saga

A Biker Saga

Stax and Strangler, aided by three Irish/ Scottish veterans aka; ‘The Gaelic Trio’, work to solve the mystery of who is attacking the biker community and why.
In possession of the one resource that could save them all, the GGS must reach into the past and follow the footsteps of their ancestors. As outlaw bikers fight to save their own, this unlikely club full of strong women and men alike, are forced to come together and make a decision that could divide them, or worse, destroy them all. (Book 1 in the series A Biker Saga)


Pamela Murdaugh-Smith
Oklahoma, USA
Author of: A Biker Saga

“Born in Florida, I’ve lived in five states, presently in the mid-west. I prefer to spend as much time as possible in the wind, surrounded by like minded souls who ride. Married with two children, I love riding motorcycles, listening to southern and classic rock, socializing and writing. I’ve always had a passion for reading and a secret desire to write, but never seemed to have the time. For years my husband and I have had a running joke, that if we ever told our life story no one would believe it. Last year I found the time to start a personal project and I wrote down a few anecdotes which quickly inspired my first novel, A Biker Saga.
The Saga is not a biography, they are fiction novels inspired by individual events and colorful glimpses into our lives. Having worked in offices, oyster bars and drinking establishments, and later opening my own biker bar, added several layers. Being on the road with a truck driving spouse, who also rides motorcycles and drives stock cars, placed us in some unique situations. Between bar-room antics, race tracks and truck stops the anecdotes are endless. In a nut shell, I chose to weave a story of fiction around our varied experiences. At this point, I have written and published four books, and am writing book three of A Biker Saga now. Three more books are also in progress and are expected to be released in 2015.”

Website: http://www.ggshc.webs.com/

Twitter: @goodgaelicsouls

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bikerbooks

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