Better To Have Loved by Christy Nicholas

Better To Have Loved by Christy Nicholas

Better To Have Loved

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Would you search for 30 years for your true love?

Julie was looking for adventure in 1968. She had plenty of options.

What she found instead was herself alone, pregnant, and in a foreign country. She had some tough decisions to make

Should she follow her love? Or run back to her parents with her tail between her legs?

Based on a true story.

About the Author

Christy NicholasChristy Nicholas lives in the country with her husband, Jason, her dog, Dax, her cats Mallory, Cyril and Lana, and two sugar gliders named Arya and Sansa. As you can tell, she has a diverse set of interests! She loves photography, creating beaded jewelry and preparing taxes in her spare time. Yes, you read that right, she loves preparing taxes.
Twitter Name: greendragon9
Facebook Name: greendragonauthor

Format: Kindle Edition

It was a typical love story. But, because I am a sucker for love stories it was a great read.
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