Becoming Strong by Ruthmary Estabrook RN BS BSN MHA PhD

Becoming Strong

Becoming Strong

A guide to making your life work and make you stronger

Life’s experiences that are given to us are lessons. They tend to be the most important things to remember in life. Whether the lessons are endearing, traumatic or sad; they define who we are. For some of us, it may be more comfortable to forget certain experiences. However, these are usually the experiences that are more important not to forget. Becoming Strong will help the reader redefine their life’s experiences and forge them into tools they can use. Becoming strong will help you no longer feel as if you are alone, because you never really are. It is just a matter of perception. 
This knowledge and experience should help you gain perspective on your situation, and help you understand that through all experience you grow stronger as a person.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!!!! May 9, 2014
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You completely hit the nail on the head here!! With adhd I find reading difficult, I literally read this entire book in only 2 days!!! I highly recommend this to everyone.



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