Basically Frightened by Vasily Pugh

Basically Frightened novel by Vasily Pugh

Basically Frightened

Basically Frightened

  ‘Of course, there is a lot of Post-Apocalyptic fiction out there – it seems to infuse every part of our culture. But have you ever watched ‘Walking Dead’ and thought “Why am I not cool enough to be with these people?”. If so, ‘Basically Frightened’ is a reminder that extraordinary things happen to ordinary people and surviving day to day isn’t necessarily the mindless drudgery you might expect. Our hero, Buckaroo Banzai – who has ‘borrowed’ the name from a certain Peter Weller film – faces a whole range of survivors post-pandemic and encounters new challenges. Satre famously said that ‘Hell is other people’ and of course nothing tests us more than being holed up with people we barely know. Buckaroo Banzai therefore has to rely on his modest wits and an undeniably good nature to get through the breakdown of society.
And who is ‘Order’? Why do they pull the strings? Are they one of those fluffy little organisations that are there for the benevolence of mankind or do they have more devious thoughts about the depleted world around him.
Now this is the point where it must be admitted that there are ABSOLUTELY NO ZOMBIES in this. That, in itself, sets it apart from modern fiction where zombies have become cooler than Kim Kardashian and only moderately less articulate. THERE ARE NO ZOMBIES IN THIS. But there are thrills and spills, a range of solid characters and a storyline that somehow works.So put on your Hazmat suit, pour yourself a cleverly filtered cup of your own urine and read about a hero who takes on a shattered world all in the hope of finding some measure of sanity.

Here is a tasty of what to expect (it gets much better of course):

“The streets have an unusual stench infesting them. It is a mix of rotten vegetables (it would appear that even during near starvation people don’t want to eat sprouts) and overflowing drains, finished off with that smell of fires long since burnt out but eager to be remembered. It’s not quite as unpleasant as it sounds; there is a certain pastoral charm to it after a while. I could imagine birthing a lamb with this aroma filling the air which probably says much about my knowledge of countryside matters”

About the author

Who though is Vasily Pugh? Is he the kind of bumptious article that writes in the third person just because it sounds moderately edgy? Well yes, Mr. Pugh is such a man. He is a writer of tepid repute who fancies that his brand of fiction might just be different enough to set it apart – an especially bumptious conceit isn’t it? Nevertheless, having honed his craft on short stories and articles on world cinema it seemed a gorgeous moment of opportunity to finally fight off the self-doubt, knuckle down to proper self-disciplined writing and finish a full length book. With a vast array of literature out there – and Vasily would never claim to offer such refined art – he hopes that his unique take on very well trod genre staples will meet with your approval. Pugh has been inspired by a varied range of writers – some noted, others less so – and seeks to fuse together genres that so often get regimented apart. With stories bubbling around his roomy cranium, he chose this attempt at post-apocalyptic wit and sci-fi whimsy as his first attempt to weave together solid characters with a compelling narrative.

Dive into the nutty world of ‘Basically Frightened’.

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