Bart! Stop the Farts! by Nirit Littaney

Brad stops the Farts by Nirit Littaney

Brad Stops the Farts

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Bart is a fun-loving, little boy who finds humor in ‘letting gas’.  He’s amused by obnoxious Bart Blasts, which he can summon on demand.  Whether at home with his family, in an elevator full of strangers, or even with his grandparents, Bart’s ready with a foul fart to spoil the mood and the ‘atmosphere’.

Everyone around the boy is so tired of asking, pleading, and demanding…”Bart, stop the farts!”  But do you think he listens?  He just lets loose whenever he gets the urge, delivering stinky puffs wherever, and whenever he’s in the mood for a laugh.  It’s not until he gets a whiff of his own treatment that he has a change of heart and learns a valuable lesson.

This fart-filled children’s bedtime story takes a light-hearted look at some of the funny things children do.  It is a great picture book for kids ages 3-6, and perfect for those learning to read.  Youngsters will love the unique story and colorful pictures, while parents will appreciate the hidden lesson.
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About the Author

Nirit Littaney

Nirit Littaney is a fresh, imaginative author who weaves vivid images and important life lessons into endearing stories for children. After being confined to her bed for years by an incurable illness, Nirit experienced the same triumph of spirit that many of her characters undergo in their journeys through lands near and far.

Nirit’s commitment to personal and physical healing, along with her story-like travels around the world, have inspired her to pen inventive tales for families in search of humorous, insightful bedtime stories. She writes for children in hopes of making them giggle while they also learn a lesson or two.

Today, Nirit lives in Israel with her angel of a husband, who champions each of her new books as if he were the wide-eyed child she wrote them for. When Nirit isn’t dreaming up new characters, she works as a nutritionist, medical coach, and spiritual leader. She is eager to inspire and help others with the lessons her own challenges have taught her–and what better way is there than through books?

To inspire your children while filling their minds with creativity, check out Nirit’s latest books, “Candy’s Chocolate Kingdom“, “Zigi the alien and the stinky socks“, “Zoe’s trip to the Zoo“, “Fatty Betty“, “Bart! Stop the Farts!” and “Fairy’s Fairy tale Kingdom” !


Format: Kindle Edition

Israeli author Nirit Littaney is a nutritionist, medical coach, and spiritual leader. After being confined to her bed for years by an incurable illness, Nirit experienced the same triumph of spirit that many of her characters undergo in their journeys through lands near and far. She has successfully joined the ranks of children’s books writers – but her stories, while humorous, encourage children to stretch their imagination while learning some valuable lessons. She has elected to have Fanny Liem provide the illustrations for this her sixth children’s book to appear on Kindle.

Very much on the light side Nirit introduces Bart – silly little boy who every chance he gets Bart farts – an unpleasant smelly cloud always surrounds him.’ It happens in the morning upon rising, at breakfast where his family has to open windows to let out the stench, in elevators, in the car, at kindergarten, at this grandparents – and his response is always the same: he giggles, and pays no attention to pleas for him to stop the farts. But he gets a dose of his own medicine at the theater when a dirty little kid starts letting stinky ones. Bart is upset because the farting kid ruined his good time. And from that lesson he learns that his farts are not funny, that they offend people and from then on he stopped farting, realizing that his previous habit was as offensive to others as was his response to the kid in the theater.

Lesson learned and a fun little funny story that children will get many giggle from while learning manners and control of habits. Another winner from Nirit! Grady Harp, June 15

By prisrob TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on June 4, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

What do you do when you know you have to pass gas or accidentally fart? If you are at home, it is one thing, but if you are in public it can be very embarrassing.

The author, Nirit Littaney, has written a book about farting. This is something everyone knows about, but rarely is it mentioned. Bart seemed to be a nice little boy, but he had one disgusting, embarrassing trait, he would fart wherever he was, and he thought it was funny. His parents begged him to stop, particularly when they were in a closed car. To no avail, Bart liked to fart, and he thought everyone laughed. At school, the other students avoided him, his teacher asked him to stop. When he went to his grandparent’s home, he continued to fart, even though they asked him to stop. One day his parents took him to the movie theatre, and something happened that made Bart stop and think. When you read this book, you will discover what finally happened.

Parents/teachers will enjoy reading this book to their children. The children will laugh and tee he because farting is something that makes children laugh. However, they will soon learn what other people think about farting. The illustrations by, are colorful and vivid. They depict the adventures of Bart and his farts.
This is an important topic that we should all talk about. Note: a complimentary copy of this book was provided to read and review.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is the funniest, most entertaining children’s picture book I have ever read along with my nephew! This book immediately appealed to me because my nephew’s name is Bart and he was coming over to spend the holidays with me. I decided to give him this book as a part of the ‘welcome home’ gift. And boy, did he love it!

This is a very light-hearted, humorous book that I enjoyed reading to my nephew just as much as he enjoyed listening to the story. It left him having fits of laughter many times! It finishes off on a like lovely note and teaches the child about respect and outdoor manners. So, this book is really a win-win for both children and parents.

The illustrations in this book are absolutely adorable and this is as good as a children’s book gets. It’s the whole package! I would recommend this book to absolutely anyone with kids around. They’re sure to enjoy this hilarious tale!


By D Larsen on June 5, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I recently downloaded a free copy of this fun, little children’s book and wanted to share my thoughts. I was raised in a home with three brothers, so I know the antics little boys enjoy. This tale sent me back in time and I could almost hear my mom saying, “Beans, beans, the magical fruit – makes your butt go Rooty Toot Toot.” The book will certainly be memorable for small children, who seem to enjoy books about bodily functions. Bart is a very typical, fun-loving boy and the illustrations capture him in a number of entertaining situations. The text is easy for children of reading age and the story has a nice flow to it.

Being a grandparent now, I know how much my grandchildren will be amused by this story and the colorful artwork. I would recommend this to anyone with small children. It may seem a little crude but it delivers a valuable lesson that we all should take to heart.


Format: Kindle Edition

The story was very entertaining and funny. The end had a very good lesson to be learned from. We enjoyed it because our son was following every stage of the story. He understood the message at the end and was able to talk about it later and relate to it. Now when we want to use an example if showing our son that he shouldn’t do something because it doesn’t make people around him feel good or is not good and respectful behavior we refer to Bart the fart and remind him of the story.
Great read with a very important message.





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