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Build Your Brand. Sell More Books. Change the World

This guide was created to help authors tackle the process of zeroing in on their Ideal Readers, as well as directing and growing their brands. Through examples and experience coaching writers to become better marketers, Mroczka shows you how branding sets you apart from
the crowd, positioning you as an authority. Follow the advice in this book to not only become clearer on the needs of your audience, but also begin attracting your tribe. Quit herding cats! Finally be seen by your ideal audience.

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Angie Mroczka

helps self-published authors use marketing and technology to build sustainable writing careers. Visit her home online to learn more & read helpful articles.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A must-read book for authors who are having trouble with the marketing side of our career, whether first time authors or not. The author understands perfectly the perspective of someone who isn’t comfortable marketing their own books and explains this subject from a new, enlightening angle. She busts marketing and branding myths and makes it clear that we don’t have to dread marketing, in fact, by understanding what it really is, we can deliver our high quality products to our ideal readers successfully.

Have problems figuring our your ideal reader? Mroczka writes about this important part in great detail. She’s prepared a list of brilliant questions that will clarify who our ideal reader is, in order to be able to direct our message and books to them. She offers clear instructions on the main points of author branding and how we can, as authors, implement them in our unique brand. I especially liked the featured brand at the end of each chapter with clear examples of what she, herself prefers. Thanks to this valuable part, i was able to define even more clearly the specifics of branding to my particular case.

Very informative, to the point, actionable book. Well done, Ms. Mroczka.

All authors must read this book!

By Ayodeji Awosika on October 15, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Author Identity is a great resource for authors who are looking to not only successfully publish their book, but are seeking to build a platform and create a significant following of readers. I am an aspiring author myself and I happen to have a background in marketing and sales so it is not difficult for me to promote my work, but many authors find the marketing process as something daunting to undertake. She uses examples of successful authors who have built a brand around their words (one of them being Michael Hyatt who I am a huge fan of. She tells it like it is. In this day and age you have to be the CEO of your book and it’s your responsibility to build a brand around your writing, but there are plenty of resources available to help you do that, all of which you will find in this book. A must read for any aspiring authors as well as authors who need to improve the marketing of their books.


By Shaun Griffiths on October 15, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Purchased via Angie Mroczka’s work is a gold mine of tips, good advice and best practices.
The author highlights the essentials of why it’s so important to get your branding right, then takes you through accumulative steps to build that brand by building trust (Trust=Sales as Ms Mroczka so rightly points out), and Platform Development to build a relationship with your audience (Branding+Platform development = Relationships) The equations just seem so obvious once pointed out to you !
By showing (linking) to brands that not only work, but lead the way (Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt etc.), the author picks out why these brands are so relevant today.
There are actionable steps at the end of each chapter, where by the author uses building blocks to advise you on how to build your band into a winning formula.
As a new comer to marketing, I found this book easy to understand, written at a level that does not talk down to you and without assumptions on previous “obvious” knowledge. It’s very easy to follow. I’ll definitely be using these lesson from now on. Hats off to Ms Mroczka

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Trying to set yourself apart in order to gain attention as an author is not easy. Fortunately for us, Ms. Mroczka gives us the tools and examples we need to take action and build a brand. With featured brands such as Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt, and Anne Rice, there are plenty of examples to grab information from.

If that wasn’t enough, the author takes it a step further by providing a workbook and checklist that guides you through the process! It’s absolutely amazing to have all this information in one book. Coaching on this topic would cost thousands of dollars. The small investment in this book will pay off many times over in results.

I definitely recommend this book to any author that wants to stand out in the crowd.

Format: Kindle Edition

Mroczka has a gift for breaking things down and explaining them clearly. Her humour shines through in her analogies, as does her simplified and easy to understand manner. Helping you get your head around the concept of Branding, what it is and why you need it.
She de-mystifies the idea of marketing and explains how Branding is a marketing strategy used to attract your audience and is nothing to be scared of. She talks about the importance of understanding the needs of your audience, branding and developing a platform to enable you to engage with them and sell more books.
If you aim to build a business through writing, Mroczka will help you understand how to do that to ensure the branding associated with what you have to offer is successful. She gives you actionable tools and guidance to help you recognise your market, build credibility with your branding, help people with your expertise and build relationships with your audience/readers.
Prior to reading this book, the thought of marketing and promoting mine seemed a daunting and unfamiliar task, although one that I was determined to tackle. So, after reading Author Identify I certainly feel like I understand the process better. I have a much clearer idea about what I need to do to make it an ongoing success long after it first gets published. I’m even excited about the prospect and have a stronger indication about the kind of branding I want.
Once you face your fears head on and learn about what you need to in order to succeed, it doesn’t feel so scary anymore. I really appreciate the words of wisdom Mroczka offers in her book. I feel like I now have more knowledge to make better choices when it comes to marketing my book, building my brand, as well as my business, so thank you.


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