Assassins of Light: Book One, Earth Cleansing

Assassins of Light  Book One, Earth Cleansing

Assassins of Light: Book One, Earth Cleansing by Soriah

Assassins of Light. Thousands of years ago a large space ship crash landed on earth. They came from a higher dimension and encountered primitive humans on a lower dimensional planet, Earth. Called Cerans, they were rogues fleeing from imprisonment on their planet. They looked like humans, but with higher evolved intelligence and were revered as Gods. Their spaceship was seen by the primitive people as a great silver bird. Through a fluke — sex with a native — the Cerans discovered the secret of immortality, but they were not immortal. The Ceran travelers found themselves reduced in numbers through diseases and geological upheavals.


When thousands of years later the authorities on Cera began to look for them, they discovered them on Earth and devised a plan to eliminate them. Since their laws prevented them from invading another planet, they had to find another way. The people of the planet Cera had evolved to the point they could leave their body at will. Female warriors known as the Daughters of Light incarnated on earth to hunt down the rogues. It took many, many centuries to reduce their numbers and over time, the rogues accumulated much wealth and controlled all industry on the planet as well as the politicians in the world’s governments. Their ultimate plan was to control Earth.


The regime on Cera changed and the Daughters of Light were authorized to increase the kills. They wanted the commander of the rogues eliminated and they had the female warrior to do this. Beautiful intelligent, Samantha Stevens, didn’t know she was a Ceran warrior until her memories began to return after she was almost killed. Rescued by the Ceran Daughters of Light, her appearance was changed and her mission was to eliminate the commander and ultimately, the rest of the rogue Cerans.

Filled with sexual escapades, violence and adventure, this story delivers the reader to a satisfying and surprising finale.


Barbara Griffin Villemez

Spent twenty-five years as a psychotherapist working with women. She also taught at several universities. She is involved with a spiritual group, Sisters of the Light as well as accredited as a Feng Shui practitioner and teacher. She lives in New Mexico with her husband, Clare Villemez a retired research scientist and professor and their four cats.

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