ARISEN, Omnibus One by Michael Stephen Fuchs and GLYNN JAMES

ARISEN, Omnibus One (novel)

ARISEN, Omnibus One


Omnibus One

The first three books of the bestselling ARISEN series collected here have a 4.5-star average on 1,317 Amazon reviews. The series as a whole has sold over a quarter million copies. Readers call it: “a non stop thrill ride” … “unputdownable” … “the most original and well-written zombie novels I have ever read” … “riveting as hell – I cannot recommend this series enough” … “Knock Down Drag Out FANTASTIC!!!!!!” … “Wow. Just wow.” … “the action starts hot and heavy and does NOT let up” … “astonishingly well-researched and highly plausible” … “non-stop speed rush! All action, all the time” … “left me with my mouth hanging open” … “May be the best in its genre.”

MICHAEL STEPHEN FUCHS is co-author of the bestselling ARISEN series of military ZA novels, as well as solo author of the bestselling prequels ARISEN : GENESIS and ARISEN : NEMESIS (an Amazon #1 bestseller in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction and #1 in Dystopian), as well as Book Nine (#1 bestseller in War, #1 in Military Science Fiction) and Book Ten (an Amazon overall Top 100 bestseller at #62). The series as a whole has sold over a quarter million copies. The audiobook editions, performed by R.C. Bray, have generated nearly a million dollars in revenue. Fuchs is also author of the D-BOYS series of high-tech special-operations military adventure novels, which include D-BOYS, COUNTER-ASSAULT, and CLOSE QUARTERS BATTLE (coming in 2017); as well as the existential cyberthrillers THE MANUSCRIPT and PANDORA’S SISTERS, both published worldwide by Macmillan in hardback, paperback and all e-book formats (and in translation). He lives in London and blogs at You can also follow him on Facebook (, Twitter (@michaelstephenf), or by email (

Glynn James
GLYNN JAMES is an author of science fiction, post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy, horror, and dystopian fiction. His love of science fiction and horror began when he was eight years old after discovering HP Lovecraft and Richard Matheson, and then later on James Herbert, Clive Barker, and Stephen King. In addition to co-authoring the ARISEN books – a zombie apocalypse series that has sold over 250,000 copies – he is the author of the dark sci-fi series “DIARY OF THE DISPLACED“, the post-apocalyptic series THROWN AWAY – and a bunch of other stuff. More info on his writing and projects can be found at


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A very excellent Zombie/end of the world series. I’ve only read the first 3 books and I mostly read space opera but I have few zombie takeover books under my belt and this might be the best I’ve read so far.
The character development is excellent IMO, even after the first (semi-short) book, I was hooked on the main characters of Alpha team but what I really enjoyed was the author did a great job of expanding the landscape so you got just bits and pieces that there was a LOT more going on with all the rest of the survivors then that was just written on the main characters.
After 3 of the books about the only complaint I have is the chapters seem to bounce a little too quickly between the different perspectives of the story. It often seemed like there was this great build up that led to a story shift right at the perfect time where another paragraph or two would have settled your nerves enough to “see what was happening across the pond”, kind of like watching a soap opera. This was great the 1st half of the 1st book but it was wearing on me towards the end of the 3rd.
With that said, I’m still giving it 5 stars. There is probably a chance that if I read more of this genre then maybe I’d lower my opinion a little but I don’t think by much – this is a great read!.


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THE best zombie/military series out there, bar none, and I believe I’ve read most of them. Unlike other books in this genre, these authors aren’t afraid to make the zombie hordes as dangerous as they should be, the guts as gory as they would be, and the characters as shell shocked as could be expected. On the zombie side it stays scary yet (near)believable, and on the military side they capture one thing that other authors can not: as one SEAL who was consulting for Hollywood said “Our combat is faster and more violent than can be filmed”(para).. these guys actually begin to capture the ‘finesse, flare, and smiling contempt of danger’ that special operators see as normal everyday business. The military side of these novels would shine even if the enemy wasn’t zombies, the zombie side would shine even if the military side didn’t absolutely foxtrot rock(and it does!)


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Definitely one of the best zombie series I have read. I can’t wait to dig into the rest! It has a ton of action and each book moves seamlessly into the next. I have really enjoyed getting to know these characters. I also like how the disease progression and mutation has been handled. If you like z-poc and hard core military action along woven with the true human experience- you will love these books!!


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What a great ride. I am on book Ten. I had no idea what to expect. Must have gotten a kindle deal a ways back. Wrenched my back, bed ridden, needed something long to read. Found this OMNIBUS in my library and bang!!
So NOT zombies. You meet great people in these books, you care about them. Love the movie & book quotes. Military people, weapons, planes, ships etc. in depth. I could go on forever. Start at the beginning don’t jump in.
By judiko50 on November 6, 2015

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I really can’t say anything about these books that hasn’t already been said by people who are much more qualified than me. I do know what I like, however. And I absolutely loved these books!
Wonderful three dimensional characters with believable back stories; full, rounded out plots and sub-plots; settings that I can almost see and smell. What more can I ask for? Oh, yeah, and heroes. Lots of heroes!


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I’ve never been a fan of apocalypse books & I read everything. I just got bored with the normal stories out there. So on a whim I started reading apocalypse books. The two authors of this series make you connect with this characters and their plight. I loves it. I read the first six books short order. I’m on book number 7 and looking forward to book 8. If they can keep someone like me reading then I think that they can make fans of those who love apocalypse books. I definitely recommend these two authors and their books.


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I got into Arisen in one of those Audible sales after really enjoying this series called “The remaining” and jesus I’m hooked. It’s kind of a bizarre series. Yes it takes place in a zombie outbreak, it’s more complex. It’s focused on a small group of survivors but mostly on the military organizations that survived the outbreak which has whipped out humanity. There’s about 50 million people left having taken refuse in the UK that was spared the brunt of the outbreak, a scant small groups of survivors around the world and small pockets of military that happened to be at sea when everything went south. The story largely focuses on a elite military group that dropped into areas looking for leftover outbreak research from during the initial fall, however it does have some secondary stories involving characters closely tied to larger events. I won’t spoil anything but it helps provide well done twists turns and perspective. I enjoy this book because there’s no moronic mistakes any characters make that escalates worsening situations. For the most part survivors and military in this book are alive for a reason, they’re not stupid and I love that. The arcs are handled beautifully and being on the 8th book now I’m always excited when I have some down time to listen or read. If you’re looking for a walking dead heavily small character driven book this isn’t for you. It’s just a well written tale of humanity as a whole surviving the ZA. Warning this is more of a Sci-fi war story than girls being chased by zombies through a forest while wearing high-heels. The main female protagonist is a Delta Operator and sniper. Arguably the most capable of any of the characters in the main story. No one will be asking if you’ll watch coral.



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