The Antisocial Network by Idris Berry


The Antisocial Network

The Antisocial Network

Shortly after Alice’s brother is involved in an accident that hospitalizes him Alice becomes the target of a viscous gang of internet trolls that take pleasure from the accident. Soon, Alice’s normally carefree life is torn apart by the trolls and as her brother lies fighting for his life in a hospital bed, Alice is left battling her own fight for survival.

Book Review
Format:Kindle Edition

Alice is a very likeable and quite ordinary girl from a nice family.By no fault of her own she gets entwined in a web of cyber bullying.The story was fantastic from beginning to end. The reality that this could really happen to anyone was always in the back of my mind!!

The faceless, nameless monsters will be revealed!

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about the author

I’m an author born and bred in the not-so-sunny Valleys of South Wales in the UK where I still live with my wife, daughter and stubborn little Shih Tzu dog.
I’ve loved reading and writing from a young age and one of my earliest memories of school was becoming frustrated at being told what to write instead of what I wanted to write! Now I’m all grown up I get to decide for myself and love being able to tell a story that has the ability to enthrall and captivate.
When I’m not reading or writing I try and let  my mind relax by spending time with my family, let my dog take me for walks or engaging in more selfish pursuits such as watching sport and playing video games.
 twitter  is @idrisberry



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